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Cryptnos 描述

Cryptnos is a multi-platform, Open Source application for generating strong, pseudo-random passwords using cryptographic hashes. It combines a unique "site token" such as a website domain name with a master password and runs this data through a cryptographic hash algorithm to produce a password that is unique, lengthy, seemingly random yet completely repeatable. Unlike similar products, however, it is exceedingly flexible. It is not a browser plugin, so it can be used with other applications outside the Web. It provides unparalleled versatility by letting you specify the cryptographic hash to use, how many iterations of the hash to perform, what characters to include, and how long the final password should be. Best of all, it is exceedingly secure. Your master and generated passwords are *NEVER* stored, and the parameters to recreate your passwords are stored using strong AES-256 encryption.
Cryptnos is currently available for Microsoft Windows via the .NET Framework 2.0, as well as for Google Android powered devices. A version for pure Java is under development, as well as an HTML/JavaScript online version that should work with any browser.
Selected Features:
* Supported hashing algorithms: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, Whirlpool (2003 revision), and Tiger (1995 original, not "Tiger2")
* Further modify the generated password for character class or length constraints (e.g. limit to only alphanumerics and a maximum of 12 characters)
* Cross-platform import/export mechanism allows parameters to be copied from one instance of Cryptnos on one machine to another instance on another machine, strongly encrypting the export file using AES-256
* Integrated help
See our website for more detailed information (and replies to your comments!).
The functionality of Cryptnos may be enhanced if any of the following file manager and bar code scanning applications are installed. These apps are not required for Cryptnos to operate, but their presence will enable additional functionality.
* OI File Manager
* AndExplorer
* ES File Explorer
* ZXing Barcode Scanner
* QR Droid / QR Droid Private
目前可用于Microsoft Windows Cryptnos是通过NET框架2.0,以及谷歌Android的供电设备。的纯Java版本,以及正在开发一个HTML / JavaScript的网络版,应该与任何浏览器。
* OI文件管理器
* AndExplorer
* ES文件浏览器
* ZXing条码扫描器
* QR Droid的/ QR Droid的私人

Cryptnos 更新内容

* Version 1.3.2: Minor tweak to fix main menu icons on very high resolution smartphones.
* Version 1.3.1: Added option to clear master and generated password boxes when Cryptnos goes into the background. Changed behavior of master password boxes so that when the user taps the Enter key, the Generate button event is triggered. Minor code clean-up and performance tweaks.
* Version 1.3.0: New icon-based main menu; export and import individual site parameters via QR code; bug fixes and enhancements.

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Android 1.1 以上
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