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Looking for a one-stop bill management Apps that automatically retrieves, organises & archives all your bills? GreenPost allows you to manage your bills from anywhere.
Can a bill manager be comprehensive and professional while being simple to operate? Why not! GreenPost is a wide-ranging and integrated bill manager app that automatically and securely retrieves, delivers, organizes and archives all your bills in your free GreenPost account. Accessible from anywhere at any time via an Android 4.0 or up device, this app helps you by saving money, time and effort. It also reduces your carbon footprint by removing the chaos and clutter of paper bills. It is your budget tracker, money manager and financial planner, all rolled into one.
What it does:
The GreenPost app enables you to access, arrange and archive all your bills in one place with a single username and password. So, you can say goodbye to the long list of logins for your service providers.
GreenPost has unique bill data memory, which creates smart notifications reminding you of upcoming payment dates. Thus, you can steer clear of late payments. Clicking on the notification shows you the entire bill and the amount that needs to be paid. You can also see a snapshot of all the bills with amounts and their payment dates.
Besides, GreenPost’s slick tools display your average monthly bill amount, the items that make up bulk of the bill, and how it compares with the bill amounts over a period of time. Thus you can analyze your expenses easily and instantly catch the issue with the bills, if any. Personal finance management just got a whole lot easier!
✓ GreenPost is a free app
✓ It automatically downloads all your bills from all your service providers in your account
✓ With only one username and password, you can access all your bills from multiple service providers
✓ All your bills are categorically archived for easy access
✓ You can access your bills any time you feel like checking your account. Your bill details are available 24X7, on any Android 4.0 or up device
✓ You can set reminders for due bills so you get email alerts before the due date and never miss a payment.
✓ It supports "Label" feature wherein you can name your bills according to their categories or usages
✓ It has a "Remarks" feature wherein you can put remarks like 'Paid', 'Due', etc.
✓ The in-built bar & pie charts of the app help you to analyze your expenses
✓ The 'Smart Saver' feature recommend the best plan based on your usage history
✓ GreenPost is already being used by thousands of billers in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines and UAE
Your credentials are absolutely secure with this app as GreenPost uses security of the level of mobile banking for web and mobile communication channels with SSL 256-bit encryption. The data storage infrastructure uses industry's current best encryption standard - AES 256-bit.
Get started with the easy money management features of GreenPost and say goodbye to paper bills and all the associated hassles, now!
#Facebook Page: - https://www.facebook.com/goGreenPost
#Twitter: - https://twitter.com/goGreenPost
#Google Plus: - https://plus.google.com/+GreenPost
#YouTube: - http://www.youtube.com/user/greenpostvideos/
Please feel free to contact “team@gogreenpost.com" if you have any questions, comments or recommendations.
Thanks for your support!
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寻找一站式票据管理应用程序,可以自动检索,组织和归档所有的帐单? GreenPost允许您从任何地方管理您的账单。
可法案经理是全面的,专业的,同时是操作简单?为什么不呢! GreenPost是一个广泛和综合账单管理应用程序,自动,安全地获取,传递,整理和归档所有的帐单在您的免费GreenPost帐户。可从在任何时间任何地点通过在Android 4.0或装置中,这个程序可以帮助你节省金钱,时间和精力。它还通过消除纸质账单的混乱和杂波减少你的碳足迹。这是您的预算跟踪,基金经理和理财规划师,都集于一身。
✓您可以访问您的帐单,你觉得像检查您的帐户的任何时间。您的账单详情,可全天候,在任何Android 4.0或达设备
您的凭据与这个应用程序是绝对安全的,因为GreenPost使用手机银行的网络和移动通信信道的水平,安全性的SSL 256位加密。数据存储基础架构采用了业界目前最好的加密标准 - AES 256位。
#Facebook页: - https://www.facebook.com/goGreenPost
#Twitter: - https://twitter.com/goGreenPost
#Google加: - https://plus.google.com/+GreenPost
#YouTube: - http://www.youtube.com/user/greenpostvideos/

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