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CAMRA Good Beer Guide

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CAMRA Good Beer Guide CAMRA Good Beer Guide CAMRA Good Beer Guide CAMRA Good Beer Guide CAMRA Good Beer Guide CAMRA Good Beer Guide

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The Good Beer Guide app is a service to help you find pubs in the UK that consistently serve cask conditioned real ale in good condition, as well as provide information about breweries and beers using information from the 2016 edition of the Good Beer Guide, UK's best-selling, independent guide to great beer and great pubs. With full reviews of 4,500 top pubs throughout the UK, as well as details of every real-ale brewery and their regular beers, the Good Beer Guide is published annually by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).
This is a free app with an optional annual subscription of £4.99 per year. Without a subscription the app will have limited functionality allowing you to find the nearest pub and brewery to you.
By signing into your account, the subscription features of app can be used on more than one device, and cross-platform, without additional cost. (so long as the app is installed on all devices).
The Good Beer Guide is created through the work of thousands of volunteer CAMRA members resulting in an annual publication containing the top 4500 pubs that consistently serve well conditioned real ale.
Simple to use, Good Beer Guide Mobile for iPhone offers the following features:
Complete entries for over 4,500 independently-selected urban and rural pubs, giving details of beer, food, opening hours, accommodation, transport links, pub history, disabled access, facilities for families and more. The entire content of the pubs and brewery sections of the Good Beer Guide 2013 book is included in the subscribed version.
Fully independent pub reviews, written by local CAMRA members.
Unique tasting notes for regular beers, written by trained CAMRA tasting panels. Any regular beers served at a pub have the full tasting notes about that beer.
All the information is in the app so there is no need to be online when you search for a pub or brewery. You only need to be online to download updates or search from an address / postcode.
The My Guide feature makes it easy to keep tasting notes, favorites, visited pubs, or your own review of the pub. Save your favourite pubs in My Guide, so you can quickly go back to them later.
Search from your current location, a postcode, place name or London tube station.
Interactive maps within the app help you find your way. Launch the full Maps application to get step by step directions.
Changes to pubs that are reported to CAMRA between editions are automatically updated in the app.
In this update, all customers who bought an edition of the Good Beer Guide Mobile before September 2012, can view the 2012 Legacy Edition. This will work even if you don’t have a subscription to the current Guide. When you activate the Legacy Edition; Favourites,Visited Pubs and Comments from the 2012 Edition will be retrieved.
Older Editions may be made available in a future version together with Favourites,Visited Pubs and Comments for each edition, providing that the app has not been uninstalled since.
This version requires Android 2.3 'Gingerbread' or higher. Most handsets from 2010 or later can be upgraded to 2.3 (including Galaxy S). Updates were pushed over the air by most operators to phones in 2011. Check the Android settings to see if an upgrade is available.
Good Beer Guide Mobile for iPhone is developed and published by Greenius Mobile.
Copyright © 2009-2015 Campaign for Real Ale Limited and Greenius Limited.
的好啤酒指南应用程序是一个服务,以帮助您找到在英国的酒吧,始终服务于桶装鲜啤酒状况良好,并提供有关使用从2016年版的好啤酒指南,英国最好的信息酿酒厂和啤酒信息-selling,独立指导伟大的啤酒和伟大的酒吧。 4500顶级酒吧充满审查整个英国,以及每一个真正的-ALE啤酒的细节和他们的常规啤酒的好啤酒指南是由真麦酒运动(CAMRA)每年出版。
通过登录自己的帐户,应用程序的订阅功能可以用在多台设备,以及跨平台,无需额外费用。 (只要该应用安装上的所有设备)。
此版本需要的Andr​​oid 2.3“姜饼”或更高。大多数手机从2010年或更高版本可以升级到2.3(包括银河S)。更新被推在空中被大多数运营商的手机在2​​011年检查Android设置,查看是否有可用的升级。

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