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Classic Table Tennis

Classic Table Tennis

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NEW! Improved Bluetooth multiplay

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Classic Table Tennis Classic Table Tennis Classic Table Tennis Classic Table Tennis Classic Table Tennis Classic Table Tennis

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NEW! Improved Bluetooth multiplayer! * WARNING * Bluetooth game v1.7-1.9 is not compatible with the version 1.6Classic Table Tennis (also it call "Ping-Pong") in old school style. Best ping pong game!Bluetooth multiplayer now in beta2 release. It means that this feature can be unstable.Using: goto to the options and select Bluetooth multiplayer in players section on both devices. After that press new game in main menu and agree with android OS to turning bluetooth on. Do it on both devices. Now your devices in scan mode. When one of devices found remote device it will be show in the list. Tap on device to connect. For faster connections, do not press simultaneously on the two devices. For using bluetooth multiplayer both devices must be paired. On first connection Android OS asking you about it. Game will start automatically.See video.The difficulty level of "Impossible nightmare" for training.No chance to win :)Feature list:-bluetooth multiplayer-control by tilt or touchscreen-one or two player-realistic physics-five difficulty levels

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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