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Have you ever wanted to mute the phone but worried that you might miss important calls?
Or have you ever muted the phone but missed calls from your boss, or your wife, or your children?
With this app, there is no more worry about missing important calls, you can now safely and peacefully mute your phone. Those important calls that you can't afford to miss will ring the phone loud and clear even if the phone is muted. Now you can have a peacefully night of sleep, or enjoy your coffee break in the afternoon, or have a quite dinner with the family, worry free.
This app does only one thing and does it well, it will sound the ring for those numbers you put in the safe list even if the phone is muted.
Other features included in the app:
* Automatically start when your phone starts.
* Can pull the number into the list from your phone's contact, or call log. There is no need to manually type the numbers.
* With one click, you can safe list all numbers in your phone's contact.
* With one click, you can safe list all numbers under a particular caller id.
* Support wildcard symbols, you can safe list an entire area code by using wildcard.
* Popup a dialog window after each call that is not in the safe list, so you can add the number to the safe list directly without opening the app.
This app is also included in our best selling call/sms blocking/filtering app "Extreme Call Blocker Droid" app, if you want to have more control over calls and messages, including block it, or hide it, timers, calendar integration, profiles, etc. please check out that app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greythinker.punchback
This is the first release, suggestions are welcome.
Other features in the planning:
1. Timer or calendar control: use timer or your calendar to control the safe list, so only allow the app to ring the phone at a particular time, or if you have a meeting, don't ring.
2. Call number control: let a particular number ring through only after 2nd, or 3rd calls.
3. Text response to muted calls: send an auto text response to caller and tell them you can't answer the phone.
Enjoy and have peace !

Never Miss A Call 更新内容

Version 2.1
User interface improvement
Version 2.0
Added volume selection
Added notification ring when muted
Improved the algorithm to make the app run more efficiently

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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