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The hottest Beauty Tips and trends from the world's leading beauty experts
Beauty Recommended is our breakthrough beauty app in the UK. To celebrate, we’ve included three Beauty Spots: fun audio walking tours that explore London through a beauty lens. Enjoy ‘The Art of Shopping’ with a top fashion blogger, ‘London Beauty Scoop’ with the editor of Beauty Recommended, or ‘The Eye of the Beholder’ — a stroll through British beauty history with the National Portrait Gallery.
Our free app also offers you the hottest beauty tips and trends plus personal recommendations from some of the world’s leading beauty experts - including Internationally acclaimed hair and make-up artists, to the scientists behind some of our latest beauty innovations.
It’s like having your own personal ‘glam squad’ in your pocket - with everything you need to look and feel beautiful on every occasion, 24/7!
Features include:
• Free monthly updates to hear the latest expert beauty buzz
• The hottest product news first
• Top expert tips to your beauty questions
• Three unique Beauty Spot audio tours you can explore in London or on your sofa at home
• Quick and easy step-by-step guides to seasonal beauty looks
• Exclusive how-to videos
• The chance to vote for your favourite beauty looks
• Access to win fab beauty goodies
Brought to you by P&G, the company behind some of your favourite beauty brands including Olay, Max Factor and Pantene.
If you love beauty, you’ll love Beauty Recommended.

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