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Area Code Tracker

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Area Code Tracker Area Code Tracker

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Area Code Tracker is a tool that provides live information on the area (city, state, time zone) of the caller. You don't have to call any number or look it up, this information is displayed in the status bar automatically and disappears after the call is over.

It is very useful for users who receive a lot of calls from all over the country and want to know exactly where the user is calling from. Apart from just wanting to know more about the caller, sometimes you have to prioritize your time on the phone, isn't it?

The application contains all of the NANP (North American Numbering Plan), that means, 382 area codes.

For US, a small map is displayed for the state in question. That means, one can learn some geography too ;)

Tags: telephony, area code, caller, maps, timezone

As about the reviews: thank you for them all.

There are two ways of writing negative reviews: good (providing some feedback, or an email) and not-so-constructive (one star review, end of story). Please avoid the second one. I appreciate it very much.

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Live info about the area code of the caller:

- country, state, city or part of the state and timezone

- small map of the state

- lookup list of all the NANP area codes

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Cristian Gruita

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