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AndroCircleCutout 截图

AndroCircleCutout AndroCircleCutout AndroCircleCutout

AndroCircleCutout 描述


It is a tool from which the read picture is clipped circularly.

It becomes a wonderful way of being visible by the interpolation function of man's brain.

A thing not to see is restricted for hiding. (^^)

* An advertisement is displayed on this tool.
* An advertisement can be erased for 3 minutes with the button under an advertisement.

* If there are an opinion and a demand, please inform me.

[Object android version]
2.2 or more Android(s)
I am performing the check of operation by "REGZA Phone T-01C" and Android 2.2.

* The MENU button
- SET : The place I want you to clip, and hidden room are set up.
- AUTO SET : Arrange a clipping part automatically.
-- It is random, and since it arranges, it is effective if it performs several times.
- GENERATE : Clipping processing of a picture is carried out to compensate for a drawing setup.
- Choose Color : The color of a background and the part which is not clipped is set up.
-- A background color is chosen from black, white, and a color picker dialog.
-- The color selection dialog can detaermine a color, if a central circle is pushed.
- CLEAN : All the circles specified by drawing setup are deleted.
-- The load image does not cancel.
- LOAD : The dialog which chooses a picture from SD card is displayed.
-- A file is chosen from the displayed list dialog.
- SAVE : Save the image created by picture generation.
-- By the file name which added the date to the former image, it is saved to a directory.
- END : end a AndroCircleCutout

Screen menu (from top)

* Screen menu (from a top)
1. Screen Movement (Hand) : Move the Whole Picture.
2. Magnifying Glass (+) : Expand Picture (500%% of Maximum).
3. Magnifying Glass (-) : Reduce Picture (10%% of Minimum).
4. Concealment Circle (Block) : Arrange Concealment Circle in Touched Part.
5. Display Circle (Eyes) : Arrange Display Circle in Touched Part.
6. Circle Resizing (Arrow) : Change Size of Circle Which is Touching.
7. Circle Movement (Circle and Hand) : Move Circle Which is Touching.
8. Circle Deletion (Garbage Can) : Delete Circle Which Touched.
-- The operation relation of a circle is aimed at the less than 30-pixel nearest circle from the touched part.

[Use rights limit]
Authority is acquired in order to use the following functions.

A file write-in function: Access to SD card
Advertising display: A communication function, a position acquisition function

AndroCircleCutout 更新内容


AndroCircleCutout 历史版本

AndroCircleCutout 信息

休闲益智 休闲
 1.0 beta
Android 2.2.x 以上



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