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Speed Reading Trainer

Speed Reading Trainer

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Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer Speed Reading Trainer

Speed Reading Trainer 描述

Ivy Standard presents Speed Reading Trainer!
This speed reading app is a fun, effective and FREE way to increase your reading abilities. This app uses the fundamentals of metaguiding and viewing exercises to train your eyes to process text quicker. We have also included a diagnostic tool so you can check your progress as you read!
The average adult reads at about 250 words per minutes with a 70% comprehension rate. Students who have used the Ivy Standard system have seen increases of up to 500 WPM in as little as two weeks of use.
Development of this app is made possible through support from our sponsors. If you would like an ad-free version (as well as unlimited speeds, comprehension questions, and integration options), try the full version of this app!
Short FAQ:
Q: Why does this app require permissions?
A: Basically, we use these permissions to run basic app functions:
Internet / Network State
Our app pulls reading material and comprehension questions from a central database so that you can see updated books / questions without having to download a new version of the app. Every time you open the app, the database is updated! Since this is only text (and occasionally a small cover picture) data usage should be very minimal.
Write / Storage Permissions / Phone State
We need to write the downloaded data onto your device for two reasons:
-to allow you to use our program in the event that you do not have an internet connection
-to save bandwidth so you don't need to download the data if you already have it!
Once again, the data we store is only text, so space used is minimal (usually under 1 MB).
**We do not collect any personally identifying information or store any other unwanted information on your device!
成人平均读取为每分钟约250字有70%的理解率。谁使用常春藤标准体系的学生已经看到在短短的两个星期的使用高达500 WPM增加。
- 允许您使用我们的程序中,你没有互联网连接的情况下
- 节省带宽,这样你就不需要下载数据,如果你已经拥有它!
再次,我们存储的数据是唯一的文本,所以使用的空间是最小的(通常在1 MB)。

Speed Reading Trainer 更新内容

**To any users experiencing difficulties with the last version - our apologies for the inconvenience - we are working hard to bring you the best, error free product.
-This new version should fix any database errors.
-Please note that you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the app if you experience any difficulties
-Load times should be much faster
-Less choppiness in general

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Speed Reading Trainer 信息

Android 2.3.2 以上

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