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GYM Radio

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GYM Radio GYM Radio GYM Radio GYM Radio GYM Radio GYM Radio GYM Radio

GYM Radio 描述

GYM Radio: The only Fitness App that plays highly motivating music that NEVER stops especially for hard workouts. Push the Button and Train like a Pro!http://www.gymrad.ioBOOST YOUR WORKOUTCardio - Get in shape faster and keep moving with high BPM Cardio music. Gym - Motivation during your long workouts. Build muscles with the right workout music. Hardcore - Hard music for a HardCore training with heavy weights. No Ads in the music, ever. GYM Radio is being played in many GYMs around the world.We started as free workout music stream for gyms only, but we have decided to stream our music to everyone.Where is the music selection coming from? From you all! Submit your tip for a song on our web page and we will add it to the stream. Visit www.gymrad.io and submit your music. Thank you! You can use GYM Radio with your other favorite workout apps: Endomondo, Nike, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Workout Trainer, Jefit, Workout Trainer, Lose It!, Fitocracy, Sports Tracker, Nexercise, Virtuagym, "Zombies, Run!" and MapMyRun. You can use our music during walking, jogging, biking, running, weight training, cardio, muscle building, abs, weight loss routines, recreational activities, cross training, "CrossFit", p90x, Body Building.We are selecting only high motivating songs for workouts.

GYM Radio 更新内容

- background playback and other minor bugs fixed
- support for Android 5 added

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Android 4.0.2 以上


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