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Take Me Out Flirting

Take Me Out Flirting

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Take Me Out Flirting Take Me Out Flirting Take Me Out Flirting Take Me Out Flirting Take Me Out Flirting

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Let the Android see the App ... try the OFFICIAL Take Me Out Flirting app!

Let the Android see the App…we know you’re going to LIKEY this one! Download FREE the OFFICIAL Take Me Out Flirting app!

Remember: No Likey, No Lighty! Sign up today to meet and chat to your favourite contestants from the show and millions more hot girls and guys.

Take Me Out Flirting is the official app from the Take Me Out dating TV show.

Super Features include:

- Paddyisms – “Let the toad see the hole”. Choose from a selection of famous Paddyisms to break the ice. Send one message instantly to hundreds of girls or guys! Can't think what to say? Don't worry - we've got lots of great messages for you to choose from!

- Take a trip to ‘FERNANDO’s’ as a VIP and have even more fun! Promote yourself to get more fans and friends instantly. Be at the top of the charts with our Fernandos VIP banner. You will also appear on our Fernandos VIP wall. Promote your fabulous self to millions of people and watch the responses come flooding in!

- Backstage photos: upload private photos and give access to your friends and favourites. Or reach out to your favourites and buy access to their exclusive pics!

- Send fun virtual gifts to your favourite contestant or the hottie of your choice!

Additional Features include:

- Find single guys and girls to chat, flirt or date

- FREE Live one to one chat and messaging with your favourite contestants from the show and millions more hot girls and guys

- View millions of photos and profiles absolutely free

- Send and receive fun animations including kisses, winks and wolf whistles absolutely free

- Find out what your favourite contestants or friends are up to, who’s added new photos and comments, who’s been kissed or winked at, who’s online now and much more in the Activity feed

- Check out your stats to see how popular you are! See who’s rated you and who’s checked you out

- Check out your Likeys and who Likeys you!

- Search and location service to find and flirt with hotties near you. You can add multiple locations so you can flirt with people nearby or places you plan to visit soon

- Top up your wallet on the go to access Super (premium) Features

Download the Take Me Out Flirting app and have some fun!

If you LIKEY this app, keep your light on and give it a super review.

Take Me Out Flirting 更新内容


- New Real Kiss feature for sending Supersnogs!

- You can now send and receive Smilies.

- A Backstage search option which allows you to find users with lots of pics.

- New photo upload rotation and crop tool.

- Gift count displays on your profile.

- Hints and tips to help improve your flirting experience.

- Various bug fixes.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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