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Grocery Smart - Shopping List

Grocery Smart - Shopping List

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Grocery Smart - Shopping List Grocery Smart - Shopping List Grocery Smart - Shopping List Grocery Smart - Shopping List Grocery Smart - Shopping List

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Grocery Smart from Handmark is a free mobile grocery list/shopping list that can be synced and shared across multiple users and devices. With Grocery Smart, you can create a shopping list on a PC, then access and update later from your Android device. Grocery shopping is made even easier with our new "My Cards" feature which allows you to store your key ring grocery loyalty cards in the app for easy reference at the checkout. Finally, the grocery list syncing and sharing functionality ensures that everyone has access to the full list of grocery items needed by all household members, right on their mobile device.
Free to download, Grocery Smart’s straightforward and intuitive interface makes shopping list creation and updating very simple. The ability to sync the lists of multiple users means users purchase all necessary items in one trip, and the intelligent sorting by department makes failed-aisle search frustration a thing of the past. At checkout, just pull up your grocery loyalty card via the "My Cards" feature and make sure you're getting the best in-store savings.
PLUS, items are checked off the list as they’re collected at the store, so no more duplicate purchases! With all these helpful features, Grocery Smart is the SMARTEST way to shop! Make your shopping experience quick and painless with Grocery Smart, your families' shared shopping list!
Features Include:
+ Sync your grocery list with the website at www.grocerysmart.net
+ Share your lists with others using Grocery Smart or the website
+ Store your grocery loyalty cards in the app and scan your phone (or key in the card number via the app) at checkout
+ Instantly add grocery items from our database of thousands of items on your device
+ Add your own grocery items quickly and easily
+ Add notes to any item for easy reference

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NEW in version 1.4:

Fixed Force Close some users were experiencing when syncing their lists.


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Android 1.6.0 以上

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