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Fun Hockey Free

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Fun Hockey Free Fun Hockey Free Fun Hockey Free Fun Hockey Free Fun Hockey Free Fun Hockey Free

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Best and different air hockey ever. Fun and Simple. Like challenge? Absolutely different and challenging air hockey game. Play air hockey against CPU or your friend! In single play mode, you can get combos, earn points and buy items. If feel to hard try go back to previous esier levels to make more points and gain enough money to equipe yourself with more different items. In two play mode, you can collect items in game by hitting them by your mallet. In free version, only the player use any item first can use items continuously. In paid version both player can use items freely. Items are various and can be used when playing the game. For example, you can enlarge you mallet, make opponent’s mallet weaker, slow down the move of CPU’s mallet, stick the puck and shoot out when you feel it is the right time, even you can block your goal completely and many others item. In each match you have limited time to beat the CPU. To win, you need to keep leading in specific number of goals until the time is up. Strategy becomes important, and also for some crazy levels items will help you a lot. Note that to score consecutive goals make combos will give you massive bonus of points to buy more and better items. Also try not to get any loss which is called perfect which also gives you bonus! Why not take a try? It’s free! - Game Items change your game- Higher level, more points gained by goal- 40 challenging levels- Obstacles in later levels- Challenging AI- Two play mode on same mobile phone- Items in two play mode- Realistic Sound and Vibrate- Move to SD card Thanks for your download and feedback welcome!

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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