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Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's Todo List - Tasks N Todo's

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Manage your to-do list effortlessly using Tasks N ToDo's - the to-do list app for Android that syncs automatically with Google Tasks!
Tasks N ToDo's is the ultimate to-do list app that is designed to be the best personal task manager app for Android smartphones and tablets. Tasks N ToDo's helps you get organized and keep up with life's many tasks and to-do's with minimal effort. Just key in your Google Tasks and to-do list and the app will handle the rest.
Upcoming Google Task lists and to-do's are clearly presented in a logical deadline based layout that helps you better prioritize the things that you need to do.
Setting due dates, notes, reminders for your to-do list are all easily accomplished with the minimal number of taps via the quick action menu and the quick task add interface.
Syncing your task and to-do list with Google Tasks is also extremely easy and ultra reliable. By activating Google Task sync, not only can you automatically backup your task & todo list to the cloud, your Google Tasks & todo list can also be synchronized between your Android tablet and your Android smartphone!
Tasks N ToDo's is also one of the few top android to-do list app that is fully optimized for both smartphones and tablets.
Complete List of Features
- Full synchronization support with Google Task lists using official Google Tasks API
- Setup task reminder notifications for one-time as well as repeating tasks and to-do's
- Tasks / todo entries with due dates can be set to repeat automatically with flexible recurrence schedule
- Send urgent tasks to the top of the list with one quick action
- Filter and sort your Google Tasks / to-do list anyway you want
- Drag and drop your Google Tasks / to-do list to reorder the lists any way you like
- Calendar-style date picker with quick date pickers for Today, Tomorrow and Next Week lets you quickly set due dates for your tasks and to-do's with deadlines.
- Navigate between Google Tasks & todo lists easily using swiping gestures.
- Easy task & todo list management with quick action menus
- Enter tasks into your todo list just by talking to your phone
- Even faster access with home screen widgets with quick shortcuts to add or view tasks
- Backup/restore data to SD card
- Fully optimized for both tablets and phones
This app is brought to you by Handy Apps!
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轻松管理使用任务Ñ待办事项的你的to-do列表 - 待办事项列表应用程序的Andr​​oid的,与谷歌的任务自动同步!
任务Ñ待办事项的也是为数不多的顶级Android to-do列表应用程序,是完全为智能手机和平板电脑优化的一个。
- 完全同步支持使用谷歌官方任务的API谷歌任务列表
- 一次性以及重复任务和待办事项的设置任务提醒通知
- 任务/待办事项,到期日的条目可以被设置为具有灵活的复发时间表自动重复
- 发送紧急任务到列表的顶部有一个快速的行动
- 筛选和排序你的谷歌任务/待办事项列表反正你要
- 拖放谷歌任务/待办事项列表重新排序的列表中你喜欢的任何方式
- 日历式日期选择器可快速日期选择器为今天,明天及下周让你快速设定到期日为您的任务和待办事项的最后期限。
- 谷歌任务和待办事项列表中方便地使用刷卡举手投足之间导航。
- 简单的任务和待办事项列表管理,快速的操作菜单
- 输入任务到您的待办事项列表只是说你的手机
- 即使更快地访问与主屏幕小部件与快速的快捷方式添加或视图任务
- 备份/恢复数据到SD卡
- 全面为平板电脑和手机进行了优化

Todo List - Tasks N Todo's 更新内容

-Fixes Google Tasks sync in even more devices
-Fixes Google Tasks sync in some devices

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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