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HandyLogs Money

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Expense, Time & Mileage Tracker
Maximize your Expense, Time and Mileage reimbursements with HandyLogs Money. Suitable for Executives, Small Business Owners and for Personal use.
* Your claims are always ready and up-to-date. No need to procrastinate in filing claims.
* Frees up your mind from taking mental notes. Reduce the stress, claim every penny.
* Installs on phone and works everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone. Travel the world and use it without needing internet connection.
* Synchronize to HandyLogs.com when you want to. Have the comfort of using large screen and keyboard for viewing, printing, sharing reports from any internet connected PC.
Get extended premium service to create archives, generate reports and export data.
Expense Highlights
* Organize your expenses easily with customizable list of category and expense types.
* Select payment method from a customizable list. Helps in identifying supporting payment records from your credit card statement and receipts later on.
* Support for all currencies
Timesheet Highlights
* Account for multiple clients and projects by creating your list. No need to enter same information over and over again.
* Choose your activity from customizable list and enter hours worked. Thats all it takes to enter a new record.
Odometer Highlights
* Assign your mileage to Business, Personal or any other use by selecting items from a customizable list.
Automatically identifies your last odometer reading. Just enter, either new reading or distance. Other field is automatically calculated.
* Tax law requires adequate records when deducting business use of your vehicle. Get complete report on Business and Personal use of your vehicle
Other Highlights
* All entries are time stamped and have a optional notes field to record incidental information.
* When creating new entries, your prior selections are recalled to save you extra clicks and enhance usability.

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此版本中的新功能:Optimized for touchscreen devices.

Certain features require handylogs.com premium service access.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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