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London Oyster Balance

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★★★★★ London Oyster Master ★★★★★
Finally - Reliable Oyster card balance app on your Android for London commuters !!!
√ Live London Oyster card balance.
√ Check your travel cards and expiry dates.
√ Auto-topup information instantly.
√ Oyster card journey history within 30 days.
√ See how much you paid for each leg of your journey.
√ Open TFL website to manage auto top-up and add/renew/top-up ticket.
√ Auto-locate your nearest 3800+ Oyster ticket shops on interactive map.
√ Supports TFL accounts with multiple cards.
√ Google street view on Oyster ticket shop.
√ Search shops by street name, POI, postcode, etc.
√ Save on SD Card.
√ Much more to come..
† Get this app NOW to save your time, trouble.
We are always dedicated to improve our products. We have tried to remove any crash possibilities as much as possible. So this app is now so stable. If it still have any problems, please send us feedback immediately and we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.
More by Han Interactive LTD.
London Bus Master on Android Market.
√ Live bus departures over 20,000 bus stops and 700 routes.
√ Auto-locate your nearest stops and Oyster ticket shops on INTERACTIVE MAP.
London Tube Master on Android Market.
√ Live tube line and station status.
√ Live tube station departure time.
√ Maps (tube, tourist and rail)
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This app is not associated with TFL or Oyster or Transys or any related brands. We simply make a different interface to their website/accessible representation available to you without claiming any rights to the data.
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Android 2.3 以上

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