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Missed call - I know it

Missed call - I know it

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Missed call - I know it Missed call - I know it Missed call - I know it Missed call - I know it

Missed call - I know it 描述

◈ I Know It?
- Displays the time of missed calls by phone rang, and so they can deal with one-call spam.
- Not stored in contact of a particular phone number of missed call log and received a similar phone log can be queried together.
- Notification of missed call log do not confirm a specific time can make possible.
◈ Missed call notification
(1) Notification destination phone
- Number of incoming numbers are stored in your address book or phone rang more than a certain amount of time only if the time can be set to notify.
(2) Notification method
- Settings according to your phone (beep, vibration) or screen on.
(3) A missed call is received and also set a time to withhold information
- At a particular time does not interfere with unnecessary alerts.
◈ Motion detection
- Motion detection in case of missed calls by turning the screen is the ability to announce the arrival of missed calls.
- If you are away over the phone and come back later, you can see missed calls by simply shaking the phone.
   - 显示未接来电的时候,电话铃响了,所以他们可以处理垃圾电话。
   - 未存储在一个特定的电话号码,未接来电记录接触,接到类似的电话记录可以一起查询。
   - 通知未接来电记录不确认的具体时间,可以使可能。
     - 号码的来电号码存储在通讯录或电话铃响超过了一定的时间,如果时间可以设置通知。
     - 设置根据您的手机(蜂鸣声,振动)或屏幕上。
     - 在一个特定的时间不会干扰不必要的警报。
   - 运动检测在旋转屏幕的未接来电的情况下是能够宣布未接来电的到来。
   - 如果你是通过电话,稍后再回来,你可以看到未接来电,只需摇晃手机。

Missed call - I know it 更新内容

1. Added the ability to delete all the list of missed calls. (Add to Menu)
2. Added notification ringtone setting.
3. During a call, missed call notifications are suspended.
4. Missed call logs can be deleted.
- Missed call logs -> long touch -> click "Delete"
- Click the trash icon on the related pop-up screen
5. Force the removal of the alarm has been added to the menu.
(When the alarm unexpectedly continues, Please use the menu "Remove alarm")

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Android 2.2.x 以上
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