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Music Composer (Lite)

Music Composer (Lite)

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Music Composer (Lite) Music Composer (Lite) Music Composer (Lite) Music Composer (Lite)

Music Composer (Lite) 描述

Happy Notes Music Composer provides a fun and inventive way to create music! This is a simple MIDI music creation app that lets you play improvisational piano and compose a music composition simply by sliding around the screen of your device. Touch and glide with one or two fingers to play and create a melody with an accompanying harmony for your original musical composition. Your composed music automatically writes to a two track MIDI file (Full Version Only) for easy music notation editing and mixing.

This music making app is certainly useful for serious musicians and composers who may need a bit of musical inspiration...

But it is also a fun and intriguing way to experiment with and create music that has the potential to impress friends and family!

It will also impress babies who enjoy touching objects that light up and play music!

Check out the Youtube link below for a demo of this music generator application.

* Finger track discs light up and follow your movements on the screen
* Multi-touch supported (one or two fingers can play simultaneously)
* Polyphony (melody and harmony)
* Set tempo between 30 and 240 BPM
* Real-time piano music plays based on your finger movements
* Music is stored in MIDI format and exported to SD card automatically (Full Version)
* MIDI files are saved in two track format for ease of editing and mixing the melody and harmony separately into your project (Full Version)
* A random chord sequence is generated at application start-up. During your music creation session, note pitches on the screen are derived from this set of chords.

***NOTE: In order for two fingers to play simultaneously, your device must be equipped with multi-touch capabilities, which is included on newer devices. Playing with one finger will work on most devices. Moreover, on certain phones, playing with two fingers simultaneously will sometimes result in the "snapping" phenomenon, where the track discs snap and align on the horizontal or vertical axes. This is a hardware issue specific for your Android device and should not be attributed to this application. Despite this issue, it is only a minor impediment in achieving full functionality of this software.

Music Composer (Lite) 更新内容


Version 1.1 - Force close on incoming call fixed.

Version 1.2 - Set tempo feature added.

Version 1.2.2 - Out of memory error fixed.

Version 1.3.0 - Music begins immediately at first touch.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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