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HAR.com Houston Real Estate

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HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate HAR.com Houston Real Estate

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Discover your perfect home or rental in Texas using HAR.com’s award-winning real estate search and top-rated real estate app which offers a wide range of search filters, the most up-to-date listings (updated every 15 minutes) from Texas MLSs, and powerful search options such as save searches, favorite homes, search history and more. Now, agents and consumers (home buyers, sellers and renters) can connect with each other on the same platform to share real estate information.
Some of the features of the HAR.com app include:
• Search – It’s easy to find a home or rental, save favorite listings and view property search histories.
• Refine Search – A wide range of search filters such as proximity, price, square footage and more.
• Search by Drive Time - Locate homes available for sale or rent within a designated commute time.
• Listing Details - Most comprehensive listing details include room dimensions, interior and exterior features, open house schedules and more.
• Photos - Easily slide through a photo gallery for each listing (up to 32 photos).
• Favorites - Find the home of your dreams, save your favorites and organize them!
• Save Searches - Save your searches and receive email alerts for price or status changes.
• Browse Nearby - Schools, parks, places and more.
• Print-Friendly - Print any listing or document right from your device. Anytime. Anywhere.
• Contact Agent - Easily contact the listing agent or broker for a specific property.
• Home Values - Search more than 8 million single-family homes, condos, townhomes, country acreage properties and residential lots in Texas, even those not currently listed for sale or rent.
• Find A Pro - Look up any one of thousands of Texas real estate professionals or their offices! You can also view agents in your area based on prior sales and current listings.
Texas real estate professionals (HARMLS subscribers) have real-time access to agent-only MLS information. Some of the features of the HAR.com app include:
• Archives - Direct access to MLS, view archive and agent full report.
• Tax - Access to tax information (including values and tax rates).
• Showing - Access showing information and have the ability to make appointments online.
• CMA - Instantly create a CMA for your clients.
• Forms - Real estate legal forms at your fingertips.
• Calculators - Powerful financial calculators.
• IDX - Agent branded information is now included when you share listings!
• Document-Sharing - Sharing documents is now amazingly simple. Just click the link to view, share and more!
• Tools – Check your leads and listings as well as the company’s listing inventory.
• The ultimate app for Houston real estate agents and brokers.
•搜索 - 可以很容易地找到一个家或租房,保存最喜爱的房源,并查看属性的搜索历史。
•细化搜索 - 广泛的搜索过滤器,如接近,价格,面积等。
•通过驱动时间搜索 - 找到可供出售房屋或租一辆通勤指定的时间内。
•房源详细信息 - 最全面的房源信息包括房间尺寸,内部和外部功能,开放日的时间表等。
•图片 - 通过照相馆的每件物品(最多32张)容易滑动。
•我的最爱 - 寻找你的梦想家园,保存您的收藏和整理他们!
•保存的搜索 - 保存搜索和接收电子邮件警报价格或状态改变。
•浏览附近的餐厅 - 学校,公园,地点等等。
•可打印 - 从您的设备打印任何上市或文档中。任何时候。无处不在。
•联系代理 - 轻松联络上市代理人或经纪人为特定的属性。
•家庭价值观 - 搜索超过800万单户住宅,公寓,排屋,国家的种植面积属性和住宅用地在得克萨斯州,即使是那些目前没有上市出售或出租。
•寻找一个亲 - 查找十万得克萨斯州的房地产专业人士或办公室的任何一个!您也可以在您所在地区根据以往的销售和当前目录查看代理商。
•档案 - 直接访问MLS,查看档案和代理报告全文。
•税收 - 获取税务信息(包括价值和税率)。
•显示 - 显示获取信息,并有网上预约的能力。
•CMA - 即时创建一个CMA为您的客户。
•形式 - 房地产法律形式在你的指尖。
•计算器 - 强大的金融计算器。
•IDX - 代理品牌的信息现在包括当您共享目录!
•文档共享 - 共享文件是现在非常简单。只需点击链接查看,共享和更多!
•工具 - 检查您的线索和上市,以及公司的上市库存。

HAR.com Houston Real Estate 更新内容

• New Chat functionality allows you to immediately connect with the agent of a listing.
• Lots of other small improvements and bug fixes.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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