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Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY)

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Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY) Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY) Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY) Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY)

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This app is now free!
You can support by buying "Disable Auto Brightness" instead.
To all those who bought, THANKS!
This app should work on more Xperia Play devices. If it does not, please email me. (Special thanks to Logseman)
This app is still not compatible with some Xperia Play devices, it will be updated soon to be more compatible with other models of the Xperia Play.
This app will allow you to use the shoulder buttons (L and R) of the Xperia Play for different functions.
You can use them to:
None: Stops the service. Shoulder buttons will stay at default.
Media: L will be previous and R will be next for media.
Camera: R will be focus and take picture.
Volume: L will be volume up and R will be volume down.
Up/Down: L will be up and R will be down.
Navigate: L will be browser back and R will be browser forward.
Tasker Support! (Kinda)
To change button modes do the following:
Action -> Misc -> Action Intent
Action: "com.hatcyl.android.Change_Shoulder_Buttons.ACTION_CHANGE_MODE"
Extra: "Mode:XXXXX"
See screenshot, no quotes, case sensitive.
Note: The game function of the buttons never get disabled. This app just listens for those buttons and then executes a command.
1. Requires Root.
2. Open app and select desired button configuration.
Coming Soon:
1. Custom Mode
2. Support for more Xperia Play devices / ROMS.
3. Real Tasker Support Way Later
4. Some automation maybe
This apps official discussing thread can be found at the XDA forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1262314
Please email me if you want to add support for your device!
By using this app you agree to the following:
1. The author of this application cannot be held responsible for any damage that this application may cause to your phone or data.
Xperia Play, Shoulder Buttons, Change, L and R, Camera, Media, Game, Hack, Button Changer, Change Buttons.
*Xperia Play Optimized*

Change Shoulder Buttons (PLAY) 更新内容

App is now free!
1. Added broadcast receiver for Tasker support.
2. Added disclaimer.
3. Implemented Android market license check. Sorry if it causes you problems :(
4. App will remember setting on reboot.
1. Fixed compatibility with all Xperia Play devices.
1. Added more modes.
1. Different Approach in App.
2. Can now "change" behavior without restart.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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