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My Health Records - Health n F

My Health Records - Health n F

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My Health Records - Health n F My Health Records - Health n F My Health Records - Health n F My Health Records - Health n F My Health Records - Health n F

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Do you need a complete health information tracker to take good care of all your near and dear ones? Does someone important in your life suffer from a chromic ailment that requires regular monitoring?

Health n Family works as a single solution for storing and accessing health care information for all your family members. Keep track of medical records, appointments and prescriptions, and even store important medical documents-right on your Android, simple yet secure.

Health n Family lets you store a great variety of medical information conveniently and securely. Some of the things you can do with Health n Family are:

• Save vital information such as emergency contact numbers, insurance details, and physician information
• Add lab reports, prescriptions, and other important documents to specific health conditions.
• Save information about health conditions and link it to related medications
• Get handy access to record of surgeries, and family health history
• Track pharmacist, doctor, lab and other medical related appointments
• Enter height and weight to calculate BMI
• List out your allergies along with reactions and treatments
• Maintain immunization records
• Add advanced directives and Add code status of advanced directives
• Email health record summary to physicians conveniently
• The passcode security feature ensures that only you can access the information on Health n Family.

Health n Family is the perfect tool to keep your family health records safe and handy. Minimize paperwork, and keep important information always handy. And keep your family safe.

Note: Health n Family now in App Store. This new medical application supports storage space for more than one person. Purchase it today.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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