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Food Substitutes Free

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Food Substitutes Free Food Substitutes Free Food Substitutes Free Food Substitutes Free Food Substitutes Free Food Substitutes Free

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The food substitutes in this app are researched and written to try to help with anyone's cooking situation - from that moment when you realize you’re out of the one ingredient that you need to finish your recipe, to dietary needs, to allergies, or more budget-friendly alternatives. We hope to help any chef in any kitchen create a delicious dish that meets their needs. Currently we have over 100 foods and over 230 substitutes with more being added all the time!
LIMITED USE TRIAL VERSION: With this version of Food Substitutes, you are allowed full access to the features of this app, but are only given 12 food look-ups. For more uses, you can upgrade to the ad-free, $.99 version or you can submit substitute ideas to us (through the Submit Idea tool) for an additional 2 food look ups. These look ups do roll over and accumulate, so don’t be shy with your ideas. : )
The Current Features:
-Search by food or browse by category. The alphabetical food list can be scrolled through, or use the search bar at the top to find your food fast.
-Along with the substitute possibilities for your food, there is also a Food Details tab that gives you background info for that food as well as possible tips, hints, nutritional info, or practical experience from our kitchen and research.
-Some of the food substitutes are marked as “healthier” to give you an idea of how to cut some calories, fat, or other harmful substances from your diet.
-The Favorites tool allows you to make your own custom list of foods that you might want for the future. It’s as easy as touching the star on the right side of the food heading bar. Once you’ve marked your favorites, you can access them from the homepage.
-Our food substitute database is continually growing! With the Submit Ideas tool you can send in some of your favorite substitutes or make requests for the food subs you need.
This app was created by a husband and wife team (with the dream of making enough money to cover our son’s preschool costs). By supporting this app you’re making a difference for our family, and we hope to do the same for you – by saving you time and money, with continual growth of our food database, and by cooking up ways to improve your experience in using our app, and possibly some new features.

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此版本中的新功能:Released on May 23, 2012. No updates yet but there are a lot on the road map!

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