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Nintendo Collection

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Nintendo Collection Nintendo Collection Nintendo Collection Nintendo Collection

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Keep those sweet memories by your side

*There is a Paid Version if you wish to donate, this free version has the same full functionality*

We lovers of a time when games were true to their cause have been poorly served when it comes to a dynamic and modern way of cataloguing our trusty old games.

This stops now.

This application allows you to keep your games collection by your side at all times.

Initially this only caters for the NES to gauge the response from you. If you like the premise, your feedback will be taken on board to improve the application and to include more systems.

Also currently the box arts are hit and miss and so a more robust alogirthm to retrieve them is being constructed.

There is also a donate version of this application as it was deemed uncool to weigh you down with adverts. So if you like it then support a fellow collector and developer to help maintain and improve this application.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Hentie Studios

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