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Bluez IME Bluez IME Bluez IME

Bluez IME 描述

This application installs a new IME (soft-keyboard) that can read data from a Bluetooth input device. Supported devices are: Zeemote JS1, MSI Chainpus BGP100, Phonejoy and iControlPad (iCP).

This is NOT a bluetooth keyboard driver, it ONLY supports the devices listed above.

Analog input is supported but requires that the app you are using BluezIME with also supports it. Some of the major emulators support BluezIME analog input, setup your controller inside the emulator app instead of through the BluezIME interface if possible. If your favorite app does not support BluezIME analog input, please write the publishers and ask for it!

Confirmed to work with almost all devices from HTC, Samsung and Motorola.

Reported NOT working with any LG device with stock ROM:

Usage instructions:
1) Enable BluezIME (Settings, Language and Keyboard)
2) Select the device to use, and the device type
3) Turn on the Game Pad
4) Select BluezIME as the input method

You only need to perform step 1+2 for the first use.

This application does not use root access.

Check to see if it is possible to configure the controller from inside the app you want to use the controller with. If this is possible, it is the recommended way to do so. In this case you do not need to perform the steps above.

If you need help, go to the project homepage and create an issue. I cannot respond to messages left in comments. If you simply cannot create an issue, drop me a line: opensource@hexad.dk


If you want Wiimote, iCade or Keyboard support, install the HID Enabler:

If you want to complain that Wiimote/iCade/Keyboard does not work with your device, see here first:

If you are a developer that wants to add gamepad controller input, look here:

Big thanks to Stefan Werner for many fixes.

Bluez IME 更新内容



Changed so HID based controllers are displayed after installing the special "HID Enabler" package.

Added iCade support for devices with L2CAP.

Added Keyboard support for devices with L2CAP.

Changed some mapping for PhoneJoy.

1.19 - 1.20:

Chinese translation

Support for Zeemote Steelseries extra buttons

Support for IPega gamepad (Big thanks to mozzytm !!)

Some support for GameStop device


Bluez IME 历史版本

Bluez IME 使用技巧

Bluez IME 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 3.0.0 以上

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