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Entertainment news and analysis, video, plus an entertainment Event Calendar.
The Find Your Fix app from HitFix.com provides the best way to stay on top of what's happening next in entertainment using your Android device. Find Your Fix App provides the latest breaking entertainment news, videos, events and insider analysis around movies, music, TV, sports and games. Never miss out on what's happening next, all from your Android device.
Event Calendar: Find out what’s happening next through the HitFix Event Calendar. It is best way to keep track of all the happenings around your favorite TV, Music, Movies, Sports, DVDs, Albums, Video Games and even the hottest local events such as concerts, shows and festivals.
Entertainment News: HitFix’s hard hitting veteran editors deliver the entertainment scoops that you care most about without the gossip and celebrity news. With the Find Your Fix app you can find all the HitFix content that you know and love even when you’re on the go.
Video: The HitFix team has insider connections that give us unique access to talent. In addition to the latest trailers, music videos, TV clips, and behind the scenes footage, you’ll find sit down interviews with some of the biggest names in entertainment.
Blogs: Whether you’re a fan of Alan Sepinwall, Dan Fienberg, Gregory Ellwood, Drew McWeeny, Liane Bonin Star, Katy Hasty or Melina Newman, you’ll be able to jump right to the latest posts of your favorite blogger.

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