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Shanghai Rummy Free

Shanghai Rummy Free

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Shanghai Rummy Free Shanghai Rummy Free Shanghai Rummy Free Shanghai Rummy Free Shanghai Rummy Free Shanghai Rummy Free

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Enjoy the popular card game on your mobile device! 0 point doesn't look good in the gaming world, right? But this isn't the case in Contract Rummy. Try to score 0 is just what you need to do! Contract Rummy for Android is a game based on Shanghai Rummy / California Rummy (if you don't know Rummy, think about the popular Phase 10 card game, which is also based on Contract Rummy), outsmart your opponents through different contracts, enjoy the unique game play, you'll be glad to see yourself score 0. *This game is designed for devices with higher screen resolution (800x480+) and better processor (1Ghz+), you may find it laggy on low-end devices, we apologize in advance if it bothers you. Features:- Play against smart, human-like (they do made mistakes sometimes) AI opponents.- Instant save and resume, you can always quit in the midst of a game without losing progress.- Win various tournament matches and collect golden cards.- HD display friendly. Like solitaire, canasta, texas hold em, bridge, hearts, rummy 500, spades, gin rummy etc., contract rummy is a very popular poker game with a unique out-of-turn action mechanism, easy to learn, easy to play, challenging yet addictive, we hope you enjoy this game as much as we do. *Ad-free version is also available for purchase. Change log:===1.0.13Minor UI bug fix. 1.0.14Tweak: Swipe finger left/right / double tap anywhere to bypass buy timer. 1.0.15UI fixes for Android 4.1 (a.k.a. Jelly Bean) and tablets.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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