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Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free

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Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free

Gin Rummy - Net Gin Free 描述

Craving for some real Gin Rummy challenge? Here you go! Net Gin is a game based on the Standard Gin / Oklahoma Gin rules, with smart AI logic and intuitive UI. Not only you can play against the computer players with different skill levels, but with your friends too! *Please use the same versions on all devices when playing in network mode, different versions might not be able to interconnect* Features:- Play with your friends over Bluetooth, WiFi, internet connections.- On-screen Gin hand hint.- Instant save and resume, you can always quit in the midst of a game without losing progress.- Win various tournament matches and collect golden cards.- Supports both Standard Gin / Oklahoma Gin rules and scoring.- Supports both portrait and landscape display.- HD display friendly. *For those who concern about the "Read phone state and identity" permission, it is only used for device-connection mapping purpose in network mode, to identify opponent's device when trying to resume a saved network game. Like solitaire, canasta, texas hold em, bridge, hearts, spades etc., gin rummy is a very popular poker game. It is a fast-pace turn base poker game played by two players, the objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent, throughout the game, players have to improve their hand cards by melding and discarding. Like most of the card games out there, Gin Rummy is an easy to learn but difficult to master poker game, it takes both luck and strategy to win a game. In Net Gin, multiple matches (2 matches at least) are played to minimize the chance of winning by pure luck. Change log:===1.0.3Added Achievements. 1.0.5A. Fixed crashing problem on certain device models.B. Fixed the bug of unable to unlock certain achievements. 1.0.6A. Added Oklahoma Gin option.B. UI tweaks and bug fixes. 1.0.8A. Added round details.B. UI tweaks and bug fixes. 1.0.9A. Fixed occasional crashing problem in network mode.B. Fixed incorrect advancement info in tournaments.C. Minor UI and AI logic tweaks. 1.0.12A. Added more random characters to tournaments.B. More prominent round detail button.C. AI logic tweaks, more diversified AI skills. 1.0.13A. Fixed the bug of computer player not always knock with lowest deadwood.* This version will reset all saved game from old versions, if necessary, please finish it before update. 1.0.15Emergency fix: those who experiencing crashing problem in network mode, please update to this version. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 1.0.16A. Minor bug fixes.B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement. 1.0.17Speed up draws and plays. 1.0.18UI fixes for Android 4.1 (a.k.a Jelly Bean) and tablets.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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