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RIFT Shard Status

RIFT Shard Status

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RIFT Shard Status RIFT Shard Status RIFT Shard Status RIFT Shard Status

RIFT Shard Status 描述

Is your RIFT (www.riftgame.com) shard down? Want to see if there's a queue? Can't stand to sit by your computer and wait? Then this application is for you!


- Automated data refresh
- Download EU or NA shard data only, or both
- Unlimited number of favorites appear at the top of the list (long press to set/remove favorite)
- Displays length of queue, if any.
- Displays Shard language
- Displays Shard pvp/pve settings
- Displays Shard RP settings

Please be patient with us, major updates and improvements will be appearing quickly.

NOTE: This application is in no way affiliated with Trion Worlds, makers of RIFT. Without the hard work and efforts of their development team, not only would this data not be available, but it would be useless.


HNADevelopment is proud to be the first development team on the Android market to bring to you applications to enhance your RIFT experience. Keep your eyes open, as there's sure to be more available soon!

Keywords: RIFT, MMO, Trion Worlds, Massive Multiplayer Online Game, Shard, Server, Status, Original.

RIFT Shard Status 更新内容


New Feature(s): Added new settings page, accessible by pressing your menu button. From the settings page, you can select to download only North American or European Shard data, as well as enable or disable automatic data refreshing with a configurable interval. Various minor bug fixes also included.

Coming Soon: Notifications for several events -- See the new settings page for a preview. A cleanup to the UI and icons is coming up as well.

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RIFT Shard Status 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 1.6.0 以上
H&A Development

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