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Persian Words Free

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Persian Words Free Persian Words Free

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Essential Persian Words for business and leisure trips. Touch an object in a room and hear how to pronounce its name.

"This is fantastic - I point at an object and I can read & hear how to pronounce it! This is the rosetta stone in my hand" - Android User who bought 8 Holfeld Speak Apps.

Very EASY to use!

There are seven important categories with all the objects you encounter while traveling.
Most Apps or classes try to teach you a thousand words you will never need. This App teaches you words you will very likely need!

"This App is FUN and USEFUL at the same time!"

+ Free version: 3 categories: clothes, desk, room
+ Full version: 7 categories: clothes, desk, room, bath, dinner, house, car
+ works offline
+ natural language learning
+ clean blue design
+ clear recordings with a native Spanish speaker
+ visual output

Speak Words Keywords: words, objects, touch, tap, easy, ez, quick, fast, efficient, language, learning, Efficient, Travel, Education, Business, Biz, EZ, www.holfeldapps.com

Persian Keywords: Farsi, Tehran, persia, iran, afghanistan, ayatollah, kabul, tajikistan, bahrain, iraq, uzbekistan

"Persian Words" will help you whenever you meet Persian-speaking people. Anytime! Anywhere

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