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Get Set for Argos on the move! Download the new Argos app for your Android device today to start exploring our huge range of products.
It couldn't be easier to shop for what you love and need; whether you need toys for the kids or want to update to the latest tech, you can browse all the latest deals, create a wishlist and order products on the move from wherever you are.
Shop our entire range of over 40,000 amazing products just how you like to.
- Fast Track Delivery: Raining outside? In the middle of a Netflix marathon? Let us bring what you need to you at a time that suits you, even if you need it the same day!
- Fast-Track Collection: Get in. Get your stuff. Get going! Couldn't be simpler!
- 1 Click Reservation: Need it? Want it? Can't live a second longer without it?? Tap 1 Click and it'll be there waiting for you.
- Wishlist: Filling a new home? Waiting for pay day? Building a birthday or Christmas list? Tap the heart symbol and save all your favourite items in one place. What more could you wish for?
- Check Stock: We love seeing our customers but we don't want you to waste a journey so you can quickly and easily check stock at your nearest and favourite stores with a simple tap.
We want to make the best apps in the world...ever. Maybe a bit ambitious but we want the Argos app to be one of your 'must haves' and that means we need your help and ideas. We love fanciful ideas, nothing is too big or too small so please feel free to go nuts! We do love a challenge and our developers are workaholic demons (a couple might actually be demons) so get in touch via appdev@homeretailgroup.com to keep them busy...society simply isn't ready to meet them yet.
Permissions required for this app:
• Identity: This is so we can remember your key details for you, such as your preferred delivery address and contact details.
• Location: So we can show you the stores and stock that is closest to where you are
• Microphone: Use your voice to search for products like never before
• Wi-Fi connection information: This means we can find you with better accuracy to show you where your nearest Argos store is.
- 快速通道交货:外面下雨了?在Netflix的马拉松式的中间?让我们带给你所需要的,你在那个适合你的时候,即使你需要它的同一天!
- 快速通道收集:获取获取你的东西。赶快走!不能简单!
- 1点击预约:需要吗?想要它?不能活一秒钟以上没有它?点击1点击,它会在那里等着你。
- 收藏:填充一个新的家?等着发工资的日子?建立一个生日或圣诞节名单?点击心脏的象征,并保存所有您最喜爱的项目在一个地方。你还能有什么希望呢?
- 查看库存:我们喜欢看到我们的客户,但我们不希望你浪费的旅程,因此您可以快速,方便地查询股票离你最近和最喜爱的商店用一个简单的水龙头。

Argos 更新内容


Please keep sending us your feedback, as we are always keen to know what you’d like to include in future releases.

Version 1.3.1:

- Fixed a bug causing the app to crash when viewing product images on a tablet

Version 1.3.0:

- Improved design to make it easier to use the app

- New categories to make finding a product easier

- My Argos – manage your Reservation history, Shortlist and app settings

- General interaction and connectivity enhancements

- Bug fixes


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旅游出行 购票
Android 2.1.0 以上



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