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My Fishing Companion Lite

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My Fishing Companion Lite My Fishing Companion Lite My Fishing Companion Lite My Fishing Companion Lite My Fishing Companion Lite My Fishing Companion Lite

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The most extensive fishing log application available on the market allows you to quickly log your fish, gear, locations and fishing trips for quick and easy access while out on the water.
My Fishing Companion is built to take as little time as possible to save your info so you don't have to spend time entering data while out fishing like many other apps do. You also have the ability to enter your data at a later time so you don't have to even stop fishing.
Want to help translate the app into your native language? Head on over to Crowdin to contribute:
Enjoying the Lite version of the app? Upgrade to Pro today to unlock all features and limitations.
Key Features
• View/Save/Edit your Fish, Gear, Locations and Trips
• Attach photos, video and audio clips to your data
• Mark fish as Favorites for quick access to your lunkers
• Export Fish to CSV *Pro Only
• Organize your Fish by Fishing Trips
• Add locations by map, zip code or current GPS location
• Lookup Weather for any location in the world
• Customizable Units of Measurement
• Moon Phases *Pro Only
• Share your data with others
• Main Dashboard gives quick access to all your latest data
• A simple, clean and easy to use interface
• Import/Export your data to SDCARD
• Much more!
Many more features to come and almost every feature being added to the app now is user requested, so feel free to request features, suggest improvements or report any bugs that you encounter by contacting support@myfishingcompanion.com or go the the "More" option of the App's Main Menu.
Stay up to date and request features by joining us on Facebook:
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And Google Plus:
Perfect for fishing any species of fish including bass, trout, salmon, etc., as well as freshwater and saltwater fishing.
By downloading this application, you agree to the EULA located at http://myfishingcompanion.com/eula.aspx
Note: This app uses ACRA for anonymous crash reporting and Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage statistics, used to help improve the app in the areas used the most.

My Fishing Companion Lite 更新内容

- Added Beaufort Scale for wind
- Added Fish Event Type to List View
- Added Trip Rating and Trip Location Name Fields to Fishing Trips
- Added Bridge & Pier to Location Types
- Added Caught By field to Fish CSV Export
- Fixed bug that wasn't allowing Droid Incredible devices to choose media from internal storage
- Misc. Bug Fixes


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Android 1.6 以上

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