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射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 截图

射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔)

射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 描述

The RF Signal Tracker is an engineering application for doing impromptu hand-held drive-tests with your Android phone. You can monitor the RF and WiFi signal strength as seen by the device as well as WiFi hotspots, describe a cell site's zone of coverage, identify changes in technology and handover points, and save and playback that data. Site locations can be loaded into a database via a CSV file, or by long-pressing the map on a location to manually insert the site to the database. While many of the phone stats in the app can be displayed on the phone already (go to Settings -> About -> Status to see them). The advantage of this app is you can then map, record, analyze, and share that data in a meaningful way.
App features:
- Monitor data traffic bytes.
- XY Chart of RF and WiFi signal strength over time.
- Voice notification of signal strength & technology changes, handovers, open hotspots, and more!
- Insert notes into the RF data collected. Notes can be viewed & edited in Big Picture
- 'Drive Mode' screen showing just RSSI, Cell ID, and technology to view while driving
- Localized for French, Spanish (thank you Augusto!), Portuguese, and German (thank you Lutz!).
- Map and record your color coded RF signal strength as you travel.
- War driving. Collect WiFi access points and list mobile location at the strongest signal.
- Users can redefine site locations on the map.
- Play back, pause, jump to any part of recorded data.
- Share collected data and Maps with Twitter, Facebook, whatever you can share with.
- Sector coverage zones describing sector orientation and beamwidth.
- Sound and Vibration notification on handover.
- User defined sites can be exported or imported for later use.
- A limited number of serving cells can be located through Google, OpenCellID.
- All sites located through Google or OpenCellID saved to local database.
- Export recorded data to XML, KML (Google Earth), or CSV files.
- Import older recorded data for playback.
- Roaming and data states, data activity, CGI.
- WiFi MAC address, BSSID, supplicant state.
- WiFi network access points identified.
- EIRP/ERP and Free Space Loss calculators
- Big picture of entire drive test or site survey
- Auto-shutoff at minimum battery level set by user
- Adjust GPS power settings
- App to SD card
*** Please keep those bug reports coming! If you crash and are given the option, please send in the report. I read them all. Or you can email directly at: Type1apps@gmail.com
Known Issues:
- If a site appears off the coast of Africa it means that you are using Google's location service or OpenCellID and they cannot determine that cell's location (so it returns the location 0 deg Lat, 0 deg Lon). A new feature for version 2.2.9 is the ability to define your own site locations (add, move or remove) by pressing a spot on the map or a site icon. Users can do their own site surveys as they travel. This is a workaround for those who do not have access to site location data -- unless you are an engineer for a carrier, you won't have access to this data since site locations are generally considered proprietary.
- Background recording, where you exit the app after you start recording, will not register signal strength changes if the phone is in sleep mode (screen is blank). This is a "bug" in Android not the app. If the phone is not allowed to sleep, background recording is possible.
- BER, EVDO, SNR & Ec/Io may display -1. This is the number the Android OS is sending, sorry.
- The app is optimized for GSM service. CDMA devices are not completely supported. This is due to the lack of a CDMA phone (and contract) on my part, not anything specific to the technology. So if you have a CDMA phone be aware it has not been tested by me.
- Please remember you are using a phone, not a laptop. If you try to record hours worth of data, and/or play it back, unexpected things may happen.
RF信号跟踪器是做即兴手持式驱动器的测试使用Android手机的工程应用。可以监视RF和WiFi信号强度由该装置以及WiFi热点所见,描述覆盖的小区站点的区域,在技术和切换点识别的变化,并保存和回放该数据。站点位置可以通过一个CSV文件被加载到数据库中,或通过长按上的位置在地图上,以手动插入站点到数据库。虽然许多应用中的手机统计数据可以显示已在手机上(进入设置 - >关于 - >状态,看他们)。这个应用程序的好处是,你可以映射,记录,分析和共享以有意义的方式的数据。
- 监控数据流量字节。
- 射频XY图和一段时间内的WiFi信号强度。
- 信号强度和技术的变化,切换,开放热点和更多的语音通知!
- 将笔记整理收集到的RF数据。注意事项可以查看和在大图片编辑
- “驱动模式”屏幕只是显示RSSI,小区ID,和技术来查看,而驾驶
- 本地化为法语,西班牙语(谢谢奥古斯托!),葡萄牙语和德语(谢谢卢茨!)。
- 地图并记录你的颜色编码的RF信号强度为您的旅行。
- 战争驾驶。收集WiFi接入点,并在最强信号列表中移动位置。
- 用户可以重新定义地图上站点位置。
- 播放,暂停,跳到记录的数据的任何部分。
- 共享收集到的数据和推特,脸谱,不管你可以分享地图。
- 扇区覆盖区域描述部门的方向和波束宽度。
- 声音和振动交接通知。
- 用户自定义站点可以导出或导入以备后用。
- 服务小区的数量有限,可以通过谷歌,OpenCellID定位。
- 位于通过谷歌或OpenCellID所有站点保存到本地数据库。
- 出口记录的数据为XML,KML(谷歌地球),或CSV文件。
- 导入旧的记录的数据进行播放。
- 漫游和数据状态,数据活动,CGI。
- 无线MAC地址,BSSID,请求者状态。
- 无线网络接入点确定。
- EIRP / ERP和自由空间损耗计算器
- 整个驱动器测试或现场调查的大图
- 自动关闭以最低的电池电量由用户设置
- 调整GPS电源设置
- 应用程序到SD卡
***请保持这些bug报告来了!如果你崩溃并给出了选项,请发送报告。我看过他们所有。 Type1apps@gmail.com:或者您可以直接在电子邮件
- 如果一个网站出现在非洲海岸这意味着你使用的是谷歌的定位服务或OpenCellID,他们无法确定细胞的位置(所以它返回位置0度纬度,0度经度)。为2.2.9版本的新功能是按地图或网站的图标上点来定义自己的站点位置(添加,移动或删除)的能力。因为他们旅行的用户可以自己做现场调查。这对于那些没有进入现场位置数据谁一个解决办法 - 除非你是一个载体的工程师,你将不能访问这些数据,因为站点位置通常被认为是专有的。
- 背景录制,在那里你退出程序开始录制后,如果手机处于睡眠模式(屏幕空白)将不会注册信号强度的变化。这是一个“错误”在Android中没有的应用程序。如果手机是不允许睡觉,后台记录是可能的。
- BER,EVDO,SNR及的Ec / Io可能会显示-1。这是Android操作系统发送,遗憾的数量。
- 应用程序为GSM服务进行了优化。 CDMA设备不完全支持。这是因为对我而言,缺乏一个CDMA手机(和合同)的,没有什么具体的技术。所以,如果你有一个CDMA手机知道它并没有被我的测试。
- 请记住您使用的是手机,而不是笔记本电脑。如果你试图录制价值的数据小时,和/或回放,意想不到的事情可能会发生。

射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 更新内容

- Corrected the problem of missing XML files for the German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish versions of the app. This caused the app to crash when the Map screen was launched. Thank you to all those people who submitted bug reports when that happened!
- New neighbor collection method. Handoff data is collected and continually stored to determine serving and neighbor cell relationships.
- Signal-To-Noise ratio is now included in the data collected and as a drive mode screen.

射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 历史版本

  • 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔)


    版本:2.5.10 高速下载
  • 射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔)


    版本:2.5.0 高速下载

射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 使用技巧

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射频信号跟踪器(埃克莱尔) 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上



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