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Abstract Photo Painter

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Abstract Photo Painter Abstract Photo Painter Abstract Photo Painter Abstract Photo Painter Abstract Photo Painter Abstract Photo Painter

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Want a portrait of a friend? But what's that you say? Can't paint? Me neither, so let your phone do the hard work. You snap. It paints. Genius! The Louvre here we come! Uh, well maybe the Louvre's a bit much. Upload to Facebook? Sure. And Twitter? Got you covered. Your Mom's fridge? Perfect!
Use with your Instagram photos for extra-special effects. Use with my Insta Echo app to make the transition seamless
Abstract Photo Painter automatically turns your photos into a Work-Of-Art letting you share your creativity with the world! Choose from several preset effects such as Straw, Mosaic, or even Disturbed (don't ask) And if those don't fit your style, create your own effect by adjusting settings such as brush size, brush shape, stroke type and stroke length. When your masterpiece is complete, upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, send through email, etc. The sky's the limit! Unlike Instagram, Abstract Photo Painter does't just apply a color-filter, instead, it directly modifies the image itself.

Abstract Photo Painter 更新内容

Version 1.6
* Bug fix for uploading to Google+
* Addition of a Windswept preset to accurately depict the winds of change!
* Addition of an Angled brush shape
* Just in time for Valentine's day there's a new Brush Shape! Paint your lover's portrait with a Heart Shaped Brush!
* Added a "Dripping Wax" preset effect and a new "Drips" type Brush Stroke for those photos that just aren't right until it looks like someone dripped a candle all over them
* Bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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