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Hugmail is the simplest way to brighten someone's day.
A great way to keep in touch and share photos with family and older relatives less comfortable with the digital world.
Turn photos stored on your phone and Facebook into real printed postcards and get them sent to loved ones anywhere in the world, for just £1.49, including the stamp.
There’s no simpler way to brighten someone’s day.
Key features
- Send full sized printed photos on thick, glossy card
- Use photos stored on your phone, Facebook or take a photo with the app
- Add written messages to make it more personal
- Set your own contact reminders and save important dates like birthdays for your closest friends and family
- Create and send a postcard in less than 2 minutes
- Select addresses straight from your phonebook
- Auto-save any new addresses entered through the app to your phone and Hugmail account
- Send anywhere in the world for just £1.49 including cost of printing and postage
- Delivered to UK addresses within 2-3 working days, US and mainland Europe addresses within 2- 7 working days. International delivery can take a bit longer.
- Buy Hugmail token bundles up front and send postcards for free
How people are using Hugmail
- Keeping in touch & sharing photos with older relatives less comfortable online
- Sharing special moments, big & small, with people who would love to be there but can’t
- Saying thank you
- Showing someone they are thinking of them
Our promise
Every Hugmail comes with our money-back guarantee. In the event that your Hugmail gets lost, damaged or you are otherwise unhappy, we will send another Hugmail for free or offer you a full refund.

Hugmail 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:We now support Ice-Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and users of Samsung Galaxy phones
It's now much simpler to pay for a postcard
Repeat users can pay with just one tap
We've improved how you can set reminders to stay in touch with your grandparents

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