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Chromatic Pitch Pipe

Chromatic Pitch Pipe

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Chromatic Pitch Pipe 截图

Chromatic Pitch Pipe Chromatic Pitch Pipe

Chromatic Pitch Pipe 描述

Chromatic Pitch Pipe Free Version.

Chromatic Pitch Pipe is a digital one octave chromatic pitch pipe. Perfect for use with a Capella groups, as a digital tuner / pitch tuner or whenever a pitch reference is needed .

Could also be used as a tuner for Guitar, tuner for Bass, tuner for Violin, tuner for Viola, tuner for Cello etc. or as a reference pitch for any ensemble.


Free Version Features -

- Standard pitch pipe functionality
- automatic major and minor triad settings
- Ability to use pitch pipe with the ringer turned off.

Note: Free version allows you to try additional pro-version features but settings are reset to Default on exit.

Additional Pro version Features-

- Selectable Chromatic Wheel (C5 to C6 and F5 to F6)
- Selectable Voices (Piano and Reed Organ)
- Selectable Wheel color (Red, Black or Blue)
- Settable Note duration
- Hide Splash Screen

Compatible with Tablets and Phones

Chromatic Pitch Pipe 更新内容


Modified screen to make better use of space on Tablets and larger devices.

Free version now allows for Preferences to be tested. The preference on the free version reset to the default on exit of application.

Added add support banners.

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系统工具 优化
Android 1.6.0 以上

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