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i7 Weight Tracker Free

i7 Weight Tracker Free

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i7 Weight Tracker Free i7 Weight Tracker Free i7 Weight Tracker Free i7 Weight Tracker Free i7 Weight Tracker Free i7 Weight Tracker Free

i7 Weight Tracker Free 描述

Ultimate all-in-one tracker for weight, body fat, waist and BMI with many charts and reports to monitor your progress. Synchronization with Withings WiFi Body Scale.

All-in-one weight entry/management for weight, body fat and waist

• No need to install or buy many different apps
• Same look-and-feel, behavior and functionality for all body values

Zoomable line charts with trend lines

• See immediately your progress over last 365, 180, 90, 60, 30, 14, 7 days
• Zoom to see progress over time spans you like
• See the real trend behind your oscillating daily values thanks to automatically smoothed trend lines

Bar charts for highs/lows per year, per month and per week

• Understand how your values for weight, body fat and waist are fluctuating on a weekly/monthly basis

Analog weighting balance showing minimum, maximum , actual and target value for weight, body fat and waist

• If you are in a hurry, enter your values and look at the analog weighting balance to see all relevant information at a glance

Summary with rating for weight, body fat and waist

• Shows you where you are compared to weight, body fat and waist classifications

Automatic BMI calculation with trend value

• No need for a separate BMI app
• See BMI and BMI smoothed trend value for each weight entry
• Want to know how your BMI is progressing? Look at the BMI chart!

Export to CSV-File

• Process, analyze or simply enjoy your data directly in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs
• You get not only your entered values but all calculated values, such as trend values and BMI

Appealing look and feel

• Enjoy the many sophisticated visual details supporting a straightforward use of i7 Weight Tracker

Easy data entry/update/deletion, with possibility to enter retrospectively data

• No hidden data! Whatever you enter, you can edit or delete it at a later date.
• If you already have past data you want to use in i7 Weight Tracker, just enter it whenever you want.
• Import function to import a bulk of past data soon to come.

Ergonomic design

• Every function and every view is only one single tap away.
• For each screen you get an exhaustive help supplemented with interesting background information

Data entry with speech recognition

• Tired of entering data? Activate speech recognition and dictate your values to i7 Weight Tracker

And many more

• Metric units, imperial units
• Switch on/off functionality for body fat and waist
• Easy backup/restore without need to install a backup app

i7 Weight Tracker uses Google Analytics to collect view hits on an anonymous basis. The collected data is used similarly to web page hits to analyze user preferences in order to improve i7 Weight Tracker’s future versions.

i7 Weight Tracker Free 更新内容


2.7.009: (Fix) Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1 and up: Crashes after having entered new measurements

2.7.009: (Fix) Backup/Restore

2.7.001: Line charts with new periods for 180 and 365 days; bar charts with yearly highs and lows; higher maximum values for weight and waist

2.6.001: Data entry screen completely redesigned.

2.5.001: Target line in line charts can now be switched on and off. Automatic vertical scaling of line charts based on highs/lows of displayed timespan.

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i7 Weight Tracker Free 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
Ivan Rigamonti

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