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IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

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IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions 描述

IAA’s exciting live internet bidding just expanded to your phone! Manage your Watchlist, Pre-bid, or bid live using I-bid LIVE while on the go. Find vehicles by searching through our extensive inventory or preview specific auction lists. Set notifications to stay informed on what is happening with your vehicles and get branch contact information when you need it.
Don’t have an account with IAA? Visit our full site at www.iaai.com to register as a guest or buyer. Guest Accounts are free and allow you to manage a Watchlist and view live auctions. Buyer Accounts enable you to bid. Vehicles available to Public and Licensed Business buyers vary by state and branch. See our full site for more details.
- ‘My Account’ provides an overview of your account and is a direct link to your vehicles.
- ‘Vehicles’ allows you to search for specific vehicles or certain types of vehicles.
- ‘Auctions’ allows you to browse through a auction run lists and access our mobile version of I-bid LIVE.
- ‘Locations’ is your link to branch location and contact information, including directions.
- ‘Settings’ gives you the option to set notifications and create a PIN for quick access to the app.
- ‘To-Be Paid’ allows qualifying buyers the option to pay with I-Pay.
- “我的帐户”为您的账户进行了概述,并直接链接到您的车辆。
- “车辆”,您可以搜索特定的车辆或某些类型的车辆。
- '拍卖'可以让你浏览一个拍卖运行列表和访问I-投标LIVE我们的移动版本。
- “位置”是你的链接到分支地点和联系信息,包括方向。
- “设置”给你设置的通知,并创建一个密码,以便快速访问应用程序的选项。
- “将要支付”允许符合条件的购房者与我-薪酬支付的选项。

IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions 更新内容

•The To Be Picked Up page has been enhanced.
•Improved display of when pick up is due.
•Improved performance.
•At participating branches you can now create a Pullout Request online from the To Be Picked Up page. This feature is an alternative to paper and thereby allows you to bypass waiting in-line inside the branch. If your branch is participating you will see the functionality to select vehicles and create a pullout along with a PDF describing this feature.

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IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions 信息

系统工具 浏览器 安全
Android 4.0.2 以上

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