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aPic Free Photo Editor aPic Free Photo Editor aPic Free Photo Editor aPic Free Photo Editor aPic Free Photo Editor aPic Free Photo Editor

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aPic Free is an easy to use and complete photo editor for your Android® device. You can open, edit, save or send images very easily.
Looking at the list of features you find that there is no other photo editor app at this moment that gives you all these possibilities unlimited for free and a cool layout! Whether it is about easy operations like rotating and sending the image to Facebook or applying effects, you can do it now on your phone!
- Load an image by browsing through your memory or take one with the Android® camera application
- Some main features: Rotate, Crop, Resize, Color simple, color effects, effects, Partly color, Combine horizontal/vertical, Collage
- Save by selecting the location, save to pictures folder or overwrite opened image
- Share by email as an attachment or send to Facebook
- Upload to Imgur
- Change the background color and/or foreground color of the application so it will look how you want it to
- Simple filters: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma
- Some color filters: Black & White, Gray tint, Grayscale, Infrared, Invert, Posterize
- Some effects: Border, Edge detect, Emboss, Flip, Mirror, Pixelate, Sharpen, Smoothen
Extra features you get when you buy the paid version (so you get all of the above and these):
- Some main features: total of 25 color effects, total of 36 effects, Paint, Clone, Clone, Overlay a second image *, Combine diagonal/intertwine, Add clipart (pick from over 2.000 clipart images), Add text (pick from over 2.000 fonts or upload your own *.ttf font) *
- Upload to TwitPic, Tumblr, GlowFoto, ImageShack or POST to your own server
- Change the language (fully translated to English and Dutch). If you want to help translating to your language contact us
- Some color filters: Alien, ARGB, Channel mix, Color filter, Exposure, Gain, Gamma RGB, HSL, Map, Mask, Quantize, Random, Rescale, Retro, Solarize, Swap, Threshold, Transparency, Tritone
- Some effects: Bulge, Circle, Diffuse, Dissolve, Emboss color, Fisheye, Frei-Chen edge, Gaussian blur, Jitter, Kaleidoscope, Marble, Mean removal, Noise, Offset, Pinch, Polar, Prewitt edge, Reflection, Ripple, Sphere, Swim, Tile, Tilt-shift, Time-warp, Tint, Twirl, Water, Wave
* resize, transparency, color filters, effects, contrast, brightness, gamma, manual color filter, rotate, flip
We have listed the answers to most asked questions:
Why is the saved image small then the original one?
All images that get loaded will be scaled down to a certain resolution, this to make loading faster and prevent out of memory errors. If you want to increase the resolution you can do so on the settings pages.
Will it cost me money?
No, just download the application for free and you will have unlimited access. However, if you decide to buy the paid version from the Android Market you will help us developing more features and you will get more features
Visit us on: http://www.icecoldapps.com/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/IceColdApps
Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/IceColdApps
- 通过你的记忆浏览加载图像或采取一与Android®相机应用程序
- 一些主要特点:旋转,裁剪,调整大小,色彩简洁,色彩效果,特效,天色颜色,联合水平/垂直,拼贴
- 通过选择位置保存,保存到图片文件夹或覆盖打开的图像
- 通过电子邮件共享作为附件或发送至Facebook
- 上传到Imgur
- 更改应用程序的背景颜色和/或前景色所以看起来你是怎么想
- 简单的过滤器:亮度,对比度,伽玛
- 一些彩色滤光片:黑色&白色,灰色色调,灰度,红外,反相,色调分离
- 一些效果:边框,边缘检测,浮雕,翻转,镜像,像素化,锐化,平滑化
- 一些主要特点:共有25个色彩效果,共36特效,油漆,克隆,克隆,叠加第二图像*,联合对角/因素交织​​,添加剪贴画(从超过2.000剪贴画图像中选择),添加文字(来自挑2.000字体或上传自己的* .TTF字体)*
- 上传到TwitPic,的tumblr,GlowFoto,ImageShack或张贴到您自己的服务器
- 更改语言(完全翻译成英语和荷兰语)。如果你想帮助翻译成你的语言与我们联系
- 一些彩色滤光片:外星人,ARGB,海峡组合,彩色滤光片,曝光,增益,伽玛RGB,HSL,地图,面具,量化,随机,重缩放,复古,曝光过度,交换,阈值,透明度,全音
- 一些效果:隆起,圆形,弥漫性,溶解,浮雕颜色,鱼眼,弗雷陈边缘,高斯模糊,抖动,万花筒,大理石,平均去除率,噪声,失调,捏,极地,普鲁伊特边缘,反射,波纹,球体,游泳,瓷砖,移轴镜头,时间扭曲,色调,旋转扭曲,水,波浪
没有,只是免费下载该应用程序,你将有无限的访问。但是,如果你决定从Android Market购买付费版本,你会帮助我们开发更多的功能,你会得到更多的功能

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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