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IDoMove 描述

I Do Move rewards your workouts. Win prizes and stay motivated all year long.
I Do Move is 100% free to use. You get a very user friendly sports tracker (GPS supported) and the chance to win prizes for your workouts. When you get your heart rate up or use the built-in step counter (pedometer) we reward you with Workout Points.
Use points to enter contests of your choice from our website and to compete against friends. Depending on your country you can win everything from cold cash to prizes from Puma, Victoria’s Secret, Spotify, Amazon, ECCO and Select. To earn bonus points you can enter more than 250 Workout Challenges on www.idomove.com. We have included a few in the app to help you get started.
All sports where you take steps or get your heart rate up are rewarded with points. Everyone, regardless of physical shape, earn points on equal terms.
I Do Move makes working out social. On www.idomove.com you get your own profile, can communicate with friends like you know it from Facebook, give cheers to friends, follow your own progress from Couch Potato to Honorary Member, access your workouts in your workout journal, participate in events in your local area, be inspired by Workout Challenges done by other users and much more.
The built-in step counter (pedometer) gives you 1 point per 200 steps. If you reach 10,000 daily steps (as recommended by health organizations) we reward you with 130 Bonus Points.
Use the Polar Wearlink+ belt with Bluetooth to earn points based on heart rate. You get 1 point for each minute your heart rate is above 60% of your maximum HR. We reward you with even more points when the average HR for the total workout is above 60% of your maximum HR.
Heart rate or Step counter mode
Real time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed, altitude & calories
Real time counter/status of reward points earned during the workout
Workout recovery, you will not lose your workout when batteries run out or phone reboots
Compete on your Workout Challenges directly from the app
History with GPS route, lap times, calories burned, speed, altitude, points earned
Workout route on a map
Sharing of workouts on Facebook
Direct upload of workouts to your profile on www.idomove.com
Heart rate support: Polar Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth
Screen lock to prevent accidental button press during workout
Pause automatic uploading of workouts
We like everybody to move and live healthy. If you experience problems installing or running this app, please send us email at info@idomove.com and we will personally solve the problem for you.
The app provides accumulative values of:
- Number of workouts
- Time
- Distance
- Calories
- Steps
App provides values in Metric (km) and Imperial (mile) format.
In the Map screen you can choose between map or satellite view. A direction arrow points in the direction you point your phone compared to map.
Status bar notification shows if you are active or resting.
The following values are provided for Total Workout, current lap and previous lap during workout:
- Exercise time
- Distance
- Heart rate (Polar Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth)
- Steps
- Steps Today
- Speed
- Pace
- Calories
- Average heart rate
- Maximum heart rate
- Average speed
- Maximum speed
- Average pace
- Maximum pace
- Altitude
- Maximum altitude
- Altitude gain
- Altitude loss
- Longitude and Latitude
The following values are provided for Total workout and each lap:
- Exercise time
- Distance
- Calories
- Steps
- Step Average
- Average heart rate
- Maximum heart rate
- Minimum heart rate
- Average speed
- Maximum speed
- Average pace
- Maximum pace
- Maximum altitude
- Minimum altitude
- Altitude gain
- Altitude loss
GPS Track on history map is drawn for Total Workout or lap.

IDoMove 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Improved screen lock: Screen is now automatically locked when you start a workout. Double click the lock icon to unlock workout screen again
- You can begin a step workout without filling in any information after the app is installed
- Improved functionality: The features "keep your display on" and the improved screen lock will make sure all your steps are counted
- Fullscreen map in the Workout History screen
- Location lock to automatically follow your current location on the workout map

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运动健康 运动·健身
Android 2.1.x 以上



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