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Portal 2 Soundboard

Portal 2 Soundboard

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Portal 2 Soundboard 截图

Portal 2 Soundboard Portal 2 Soundboard Portal 2 Soundboard Portal 2 Soundboard

Portal 2 Soundboard 描述

It's back! Enjoy over 450 of your favorite sounds from Portal 2 in this soundboard.
Sounds include quotes from all your favorite characters in the game including Cave Johnson, Glados, Wheatley, Caroline, the defective turrets, the announcer, all three cores, and even some music from the game.
Favorite examples of the sounds from the app include:
-Cave Johnson’s rant about lemons
-The adventure sphere’s adventure music
-Turret Opera Song and Easter Egg Song
-Glados’ “Want You Gone”
Can be moved to the sd card to save your phone's storage.
Long press to save sound as ringtone, notification, or alarm.
An option to donate is available within the menu to support the developers.
All sounds, pictures, and icons relating to Portal 2 are property of the Valve Corporation.

Portal 2 Soundboard 更新内容

-Fixed the issue that saved incorrect sounds as ringtones, alarms, and notifications.

Portal 2 Soundboard 历史版本

Portal 2 Soundboard 使用技巧

Portal 2 Soundboard 信息

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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