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Heart Rate ++ Free

Heart Rate ++ Free

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Heart Rate ++ Free Heart Rate ++ Free Heart Rate ++ Free

Heart Rate ++ Free 描述

Measure your heart rate in 15 seconds with your phone camera and led light.

Simply put your finger on camera lens as shown in the instruction screen and get accurate heart rate. Turn your device into a heart rate monitor!

This app uses a unique and new algorithm which detects small changes in blood flow.

Also, this app measures compared against a REAL heart rate devices and the result were over expected with a maximum 5%% deviation.

This app was developed as a B.Sc degree final project and a lot of effort and research put into it.


1.Check your heart rate for at least 2 rounds (30 seconds)

2.If the graph on top shows heart rate but it can't read it? change the sensitivity in options menu to low(=1).


***** Should have at least 1GHZ CPU.

***** Don't put your finger too hard on camera lens, otherwise it won't be able to read!!!

***** Can't work with cold / wet hands !!!!

***** If you don't have led light nearby the camera lens you should stand behind external light.

Heart Rate ++ :Plus for you and plus for your heart.



+ Real time heart rate graph with sound on every beat

+ Heart beat animation and sound on every beat

+ Save your heart rates and share them

+ Easy to use

If you have suggestions / bugs please contact me before posting bad rank and I will try to fix it.

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Heart Rate ++ Free 更新内容


Version 0.9.4


- Support more devices

- Minor bug fixed

Version 0.9.3


- Support more devices

Version 0.9.2


-Fix for Samsung Galaxy S III

-Added option to disable/enable sounds

-Fixed some texts + minor UI fixes

Version 0.9.1


-Minor UI fixes in main screen + history screen

-Support more devices / cameras

-Change fonts

-Minor bugs fixed







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Heart Rate ++ Free 使用技巧

Heart Rate ++ Free 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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