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Disneyland Inside Out

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Disneyland Inside Out Disneyland Inside Out Disneyland Inside Out Disneyland Inside Out Disneyland Inside Out Disneyland Inside Out

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Make the most of your Disneyland Resort visit with Disneyland Inside Out! Take advantage of the 18 years of passholder experience, expertise and knowledge that we’ve collected to share with you. Stay up-to-date with attraction wait times, and go social, sharing your experiences with friends on Facebook!
Have an problem or a question? E-Mail us at: appsupport@imrlabs.com Unfortunately Google doesn't give us a way to contact you through their review system, so e-mailing allows us to work with you to troubleshoot your issue.
Here’s a highlight of some of the amazing features you’ll find:
- Free Android App
- Information on over 400 points of interest across the entire resort, including every Attraction, Shop, Restaurant and Entertainment venue
- Attraction Wait Times that are culled from both user submissions and our own experience in the park
- Connection to Facebook so you can share with your friends what you are doing in the park
- Reviews & ratings from users like yourself to share your thoughts and experiences from across the resort
- Up-to-date Park Hours, Entertainment Schedules, and Annual Passport Blockout days
- Map featuring your current location and a filterable list of all the points of interest
- Updated news and information from our web site
- Full access to a mobile formatted version of the Disneyland Resort Guide – when our web site is updated you’ll automatically receive the latest content on your phone!
- Support for landscape mode on all screens
- Itinerary feature to build and manage your itinerary on the phone and through our web site
- Check-in to locations throughout the Resort and keep a log of all your visits
有一个问题或一个问题吗? E-MAIL:appsupport@imrlabs.com不幸的是,谷歌并没有给我们一个你的联系方式,通过他们的审查制度,所以收发电子邮件,让我们能够与您合作,解决您的问题。
- 免费Android应用
- 逾400点,在整个度假胜地的兴趣,其中包括每一个景点,商店,餐厅及娱乐场地信息
- 景点等待时间,用户提交和我们自己的经验,在公园扑杀
- 连接到Facebook,你可以与你的朋友分享你在做什么在公园
- 用户喜欢自己的评论与评分分享你的想法和经验,来自全国各地的度假胜地
- 到开园时间,娱乐时刻表,以及全年通行证禁止天
- 地图,您的当前位置和一个筛选列表的所有景点
- 最新的新闻和信息从我们的网站
- 完全访问到移动格式化版本的迪士尼乐园指南 - 更新我们的网站时,你会自动收到您的手机上的最新内容!
- 支持所有屏幕上的景观模式
- 行程功能,在手机上,并通过我们的网站来建立和管理你的行程
- 检查整个度假村的位置,并保持您的所有访问日志

Disneyland Inside Out 更新内容

- We'd like to welcome Magical Partners Travel as the Official Travel Agency of Disneyland Inside Out!
- Fixed photo upload/posting issue on KitKat and newer devices
Please e-mail appsupport@imrlabs.com with any questions you may have. Also be sure to let us know what features you'd like to see next.

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