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MobileBiz Trial - invoice

MobileBiz Trial - invoice

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MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice MobileBiz Trial - invoice

MobileBiz Trial - invoice 描述

MobileBiz Pro makes it easy to create and send professional looking estimates and invoices to your clients.
This FREE version does not expire and allows up to 10 invoices at a given time. If you need more, just delete from existing ones first. The Pro version only costs one dollar and you only pay once.
Key features of the app
• Email professional-looking pdf invoices from your Android device
• Can customize the invoice and can add your own logo
• Sign your invoice directly from the device
• Track your business performance with built-in sales reports
• Manage and track inventory if you sell products
• Can use phone contacts as customer on your invoice
More advanced features of this invoice maker.
• Send invoice by SMS
• Send customer statements
• Can accept payments and send payment receipts
• Can apply discounts and shipping charges
• Can scan barcodes when adding items to invoices
• Can separate your invoices and reports by company if you operate more than one company
• Track customer balance, invoice cost and profit
• Include Paypal links on invoices
• Can create recurring invoices
• Can customize the invoice PDF – supports portrait/landscape, letter/A4/legal page sizes); can change color themes and print almost any information on the invoice
Built-in reports included in the app
• Sales by month / quarter / year
• Sales by item
• Sales by customer
• Customer profitability
• Customer aging
• Payments report
• Inventory report
• Out of stock report
• Monthly tax report
• Profit and Loss (needs Expenses at Work app)
Useful settings and tools
• Supports your local tax rates whether they are single tax, two taxes, or tax-inclusive
• Can use your local currency and date formats
• Can lock the app and open by PIN
• Backup and restore data; automated scheduled backups
• Import and export data by CSV
• Import data from QuickBooks
This invoice maker is helping many small businesses and entrepreneurs - whether you are a contractor, freelancer or self-employed. Installed on phones and tablets in many countries, invoice can be sent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. For other languages, templates can be manually edited inside app.
Ideal for:
• contractors, consultants
• electricians, mechanics, plumbers
• computer and tech services, automotive services
• house maintenance, cleaning services, installation services
• delivery services, design services
• and many more
If you need multi-user and device sync capabilities, get MobileBiz Co instead.
Permissions request:
• FINE (GPS) LOCATION - to optionally use current location as customer's address on invoice
• READ CONTACT DATA - to get phone contact info and enter it as customer on invoice
• FULL INTERNET ACCESS - for Dropbox backup/export; generate PDF printouts
• STORAGE - to store backup/export files on sdcard
NOTE: All apps are prone to issues. This app has excellent support and can fix these things. Contact support first before leaving bad reviews.
这免费的版本不会过期,可以让多达10发票,在给定的时间。如果你需要更多的,只是从现有的先删除。在 Pro版 的唯一成本一元,你只需支付一次。
&公牛;可以自定义PDF发票 - 支持纵向/横向,信/ A4 /法律页面大小);可以在发票上更改颜色主题和打印几乎任何信息
这发票Maker是帮助许多小企业和创业者 - 无论你是承包商,自由职业者或个体户。安装在手机上,并在许多国家平板电脑,发票可以在英语,西班牙语,法语,意大利语,德语和葡萄牙语发送。对于其他语言,模板可以手动里面的应用程序进行编辑。
如果你需要多用户和设备同步功能,让 MobileBiz有限公司代替。
&公牛; FINE(GPS)位置 - 有选择地使用当前的位置作为发票上客户的地址
&公牛;读取联系人数据 - 让手机联系人信息,并将其输入为客户发票
&公牛;完全的互联网访问 - 用于Dropbox的备份/导出;生成PDF打印输出
&公牛;存储 - 存储在SD卡备份/导出文件

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Android 3.0.0 以上

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