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Cashflow Balance Sheet

Cashflow Balance Sheet

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Cashflow Balance Sheet Cashflow Balance Sheet Cashflow Balance Sheet Cashflow Balance Sheet Cashflow Balance Sheet Cashflow Balance Sheet

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The Cashflow Balance Sheet app is a simple and fun app that helps you play games like CASHFLOW® 101, the educational board game created by Robert Kiyosaki*.
App Permissions are just the ones needed for advertising via AdWhirl. We do not collect or share your personal information.
Please contact us if you experience any problems with this app. We respond to emails right away and will fix any problems!
You still need the board game, this app simply helps you manage your balance sheet.
It lets you pick any of the 12 Professions in the board game (or one at random) or create your own, save it, and play with it as much as you like.
The Cashflow Balance Sheet app makes it a snap to:
- Automatically track your Cash On Hand
- Track your Salary and Passive Income, as well as Total Income
- See all of your Expenses in one easy list
- Track your Assets, including their Return On Investment (ROI)
- Track your Liabilities, including Bank Loans and negatively cash flowing properties
- Track your number of children, and how much they cost you
- Add and delete Assets, Liabilities - the app does all the math for you!
All of these benefits can be yours for the low, low price of... FREE! Yes, Free! Enjoy the Cashflow Balance Sheet app with our compliments and use it to escape the Rat Race in real life and become financially free!
The Cashflow Balance Sheet app supports both phones and tablets up to Android 4.x, aka Ice Cream Sandwich.
The App Permissions requested are just so we can provide ads within the app.
* In A Day Development is not affiliated with CASHFLOW Technologies, Inc., its affiliates or Robert T. Kiyosaki. *
This app is intended to assist you in tracking your personal assets and liabilities in real life as well as to promote this fun and educational game.
- 自动跟踪你的现金在手
- 跟踪你的薪水和被动收入,以及总收入
- 在一个简单的列表查看您的所有开支
- 追踪您的资产,其中包括他们的投资回报率(ROI)
- 跟踪你的负债,包括银行贷款和负现金流的属性
- 跟踪你的孩子的数量,以及花多少钱,你
- 添加和删除的资产,负债 - 应用程序做所有的数学为您服务!
现金流资产负债表的应用程序最多可支持到Android 4.x版,又名冰淇淋三明治两个手机和平板电脑。
*在日常开发不隶属于现金流技术公司,其附属公司或罗伯特清崎。 *

Cashflow Balance Sheet 更新内容

Fixed several issues with the Income/Expenses list not being updated after Selling or Editing assets.
Fixed several issues that would intermittently cause crashes while playing.

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Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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