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Night Mode Trial (Night Clock)

Night Mode Trial (Night Clock)

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Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) Night Mode Trial (Night Clock)

Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) 描述

This night clock will easily set all the settings you usually set manually before you go to sleep / take a nap.
This bedtime clock will both act as a talking night clock and as a simple one click night profile setter for your convenience.
Full features:
* Shake or tap the screen twice to hear the time read out to you!
* Set Airplane mode
* Set whitelisted numbers (only these will ring. All others will remain silent)
* Set vibrate / silent modes
* Turn off Wi-Fi
* Dimmed clock on-screen
* Customize brightness of screen and colors of the night clock
* Customize night clock volume
You can use this nightstand app both as a talking clock and a night profile setter.
We sure hope this night profile app will make you sleep much better and save you time before going to sleep.
Have a great night!
If you like this night clock, please be kind and leave us a good rating and review right here (after you download, just come back here).
For any feedback, suggestions, bug reports or questions about "Night Mode", please feel free to contact us at incrediapp.help@gmail.com
Thank you very much!
This is a 72 hours trial version to enjoy the features offered by Night Mode. After 72 hours from first use, the app will disable itself.
任何意见,建议,报告bug或“夜间模式”的问题,请随时联系我们在incrediapp.help @ gmail.com

Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) 更新内容

V 4.02
Fixed a lot of issues with Android 4.3
Enlarged clock size!
V 4.00
1) Make sure the lock screen doesn't come up
2) Added options to remove AM/PM and Seconds from the clock
V 3.00
Turn off buttons backlight when entering Night Mode
V 2.00 - Lots of changes, as requested by our users:
* Allow portrait orientation
* Allow to keep screen on
* Seperate silencing of ringer and notifications
* Option to resize clock
* Added notification when night mode is active for easy cancellation

Night Mode Trial (Night Clock) 历史版本

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生活休闲 小工具
Android 2.0.0 以上

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