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Simply press the "Share" button to send a text/SMS to selected family and friends and instantly notify them of your location.
Friends /Family can instantly get your current address and a real time map showing your location.
Alternatively friends and family can send a SMS/Text message with a secret keyphrase from Facebook or their mobile phone to your Android phone to get your coordinates.
You can stop tracking anytime by pressing "end Alert" button on the app. Secret keyword can also be changed periodically to disallow unintended tracking.
Try Ping2Locate Pro for advanced features - Keyphrase and keyword driven track using IM, SIM card alert, Remote Audio siren etc.
Use cases:
1) You are on a drive on the road. You might want to let your loved ones know of your safety by pressing "Share" button before getting on the road. Press End Alert after arriving.
2) You are in a place and want to notify your friends of your presence in the vicinity. Simply press the "Share" button to notify and you can further schedule a meeting in the neighborhood.
3) Allow facebook friends to know your location to schedule meetings. Have them use PingToLocate Facebook aplication, which feeds them back with your location on the map, right there in Facebook!
Any many more..

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Android 1.1 以上

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