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Reverse Genie - Phone & Email

Reverse Genie - Phone & Email

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Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Reverse Genie - Phone & Email Reverse Genie - Phone & Email

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Need to know who’s calling you from an unfamiliar number? Now you can enjoy instant Reverse Phone Number Lookups and FREE CallerID with the ReverseGenie APP for Android! Unlike other phone number lookup APPs, ReverseGenie provides unlimited searches absolutely FREE! It’s also much more user-friendly, allowing you to browse through your recent call list and simply selecting a number to search, versus manually typing in a 10-digit number from memory.In addition, the ReverseGenie APP allows you to search for email addresses and Facebook pictures and profile links. All you need to provide is the individual’s email address to access this information instantly. After conducting your search using the ReverseGenie APP, visit ReverseGenie.com to conduct other searches and discover even more details about the person you’re researching.You’ll be amazed at the amount of information the Genie brings out of the bottle!ReverseGenie V1.0 allows you to conduct the following:• Reverse Phone Number Search• Reverse Email Address Search• Facebook Email SearchYou can also enjoy increase productivity with these features:• Browsing recent calls• Click on address to access Google Maps for your Phone Number and Email Search Results• Real-time updates for your address, email and phone number records• Support of 3 different phone number typing combinationsAND access additional information about the owner of a phone number or email address, including:• Real name of owner• IP address (email address searches)• Phone number• Gender• Registration date• Physical address• Carrier information & provider type (phone number searches)• Time zone (phone number searches)Download ReverseGenie today and discover who is trying to contact you! Please don’t forget to leave feedback so we can improve upon our service, too!Application Related Terms: Number Reverse Lookup, Reverse Call Lookup, Reverse Email Search, Free Reverse Email Lookup, Reverse Cell Phone Search, reverse phone lookup, reverse phone search, phone directory, email search, reverse email lookup, reverse email search, phone search, phone book, white pages, phone lookup, email finder, find email address, facebook email search

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September 23, 2014
Completely redeveloped the ReverseGenie mobile app, allowing advanced in app searches and results, map integration, social sharing, following a phone number and email, getting alerts on your phone, browsing addressbook or recent calls for easy searches, providing more up to date results.
Some minor bugs are still pending and will be fixed soon

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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