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Slide Explorer Lite

Slide Explorer Lite

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Slide Explorer Lite Slide Explorer Lite Slide Explorer Lite Slide Explorer Lite Slide Explorer Lite Slide Explorer Lite

Slide Explorer Lite 描述

TO ROM DEVS we encourage you guys to include Slide Explorer Lite in your ROMs you do not have to ask us for permission feel free to include it!

*Slide Explorer Lite is the non-root version*

Slide Explorer is the ultimate file manager for android. It is a dual file browser with two independently working file explorers wrapped into one app. Both explorers work seemlessly together when using multi-select which allows you to work with files in two different directories at the same time! It is fully customizable and packed with intuitive features for productivity and organization.
Add shortcuts on your homescreen for quick access to folders, copy paths to clipboards and manage all your files with a very user friendly interface which aims to make browsing your phone as quick and painless as possible.


All basic file explorer functions(copy/paste/move/delete/rename/..etc..)
Zip/Unzip files
View files inside zip
Tar/Untar files
View files inside tar
View and Edit Text Files
Create Bookmarks for easy navigation
Added shortcuts to folders on Homescreen
View and change properties and permissions of files
Multi Select mode for working with multiple files at once
Lots of customizable settings including fully customizable UI colors.

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Slide Explorer Lite 更新内容



Bug Fixes


Added Japenese characters support

Updated SQLViewer

Added add folder to zip

Added add file to zip

Added paste into zips

Rename files inside zips

Fix force close when unzipping folders from zip

Fix force close in search and adding close matches to search results

Added sort folders first

Added add file shortcuts to home


Fix for Text files not opening correctly

Slide Explorer Lite 历史版本

Slide Explorer Lite 使用技巧

Slide Explorer Lite 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 2.2.x 以上

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