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Carrier IQ Sensor

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Want to know whether or not your device has the Carrier IQ software? The Carrier IQ Sensor app from innoPath is here to help. In mere seconds, our app will detect the presence or absence of Carrier IQ on your device and let you know accordingly.
As mobile subscribers, each one of us will have to wait and see how the Carrier IQ situation plays out. The Carrier IQ software has been shown to record the URLs that are being visited (including for HTTPS resources), but it is not yet clear how that information is being used. That said, security researchers agree that consumers need to be able to opt-out of any sort of Carrier IQ data collection.
For now, we have some choices: allow Carrier IQ to run on our phones with our full awareness, or root our phones and remove the Carrier IQ software ourselves. That latter option is not for the average user; but if you know exactly what you are doing, and are willing to take the risk, there are plenty of guides online to assist you with the process.
Contact Your Carrier
The concerned consumer has one more course of action: contact your wireless carrier or device manufacturer and ask that a firmware update be provided as soon as possible. Such an update could remove the Carrier IQ software altogether, or make its activity on your device opt-in. Apple has already committed to such an update; Android vendors may now choose to follow suit.
This application does not uninstall the Carrier IQ software from your device. Only a firmware update from your carrier can do that safely.
If you have already attempted to remove Carrier IQ software from your device, our app may still report its presence.
要知道,不是你的设备是否有Carrier IQ的软件吗?创道软件Carrier IQ的传感器应用程序从这里来帮忙。在几秒钟内,我们的应用程序将检测您的设备上的Carrier IQ的存在或不存在,并相应地让你知道。
作为移动用户,我们每个人将不得不等待和观望Carrier IQ的情况如何了。 Carrier IQ的软件已经被证明记录网址被访问(包括HTTPS资源),但目前尚不清楚这些信息如何被使用。中说,安全研究人员认为,消费者需要能够选择任何形式的Carrier IQ的数据收集。
现在,我们有一些选择:让我们充分认识到我们的手机上运行Carrier IQ的,或根我们的手机和自己删除Carrier IQ的软件。这后一种选择是不是对于普通用户,但是,如果你知道你正在做什么,都愿意去冒这个险,也有很多的在线指南,以协助您的过程。
有关消费者多了一个行动过程:联系您的无线运营商或设备制造商,并要求尽快提供一个固件更新。这样的更新可以完全移除Carrier IQ的软件,或者使您的设备上选择在其活动。苹果已经承诺这样的更新,现在可以选择Android厂商纷纷效仿。
此应用程序不卸载Carrier IQ的软件,从您的设备。只有从您的运营商的固件更新可以安全地做。
如果你已经尝试从您的设备中移除Carrier IQ的软件,我们的应用程序仍然可能会报告它的存在。

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