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mOffice - Outlook sync

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mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync

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Mobisynapse mOffice is a full-suite productivity app on Android device. mOffice offers calendar, task, note, contact, reminder functionality. It also supports GTD task workflow. Mobisynapse mOffice does NOT require Exchange server, it connects to the Outlook on the PC through USB or WiFi for synching, with an optional Mobisynapse desktop manager PC software which is sold starting at $9.99. Are you a GTD warrior? Do you want to keep your calendar/to-do/contact organized and to be more productive with your Android phone? Do you want to take Outlook contact/calendar/task/note/reminder data with you wherever you go? if the answer is YES, Mobisynapse mOffice is the app for you. What people say about Mobisynspe mOffice:--"Must have software if you have an Android phone" by Kristine--"If you want to sync Android phone with Outlook, mOffice is the best and cheapest!" by Paul--"Nice GTD app on Android phone" by Ricky--"Take all my Outlook contact/task/calendar/note data with me on my phone with bidirectional synching, nice!" by Andrew Main features:--Full-suite productivity apps: calendar, task, note, contact and reminder--Support event/task/note home screen widget: --Support Outlook contact, calendar, task, note and reminder sync with optional Mobisynapse desktop software.--Support Outlook multiple contact/calendar/notes multiple folders synching--Support Outlook categories synching--Support selected folders/categories synching from Outlook--Support the note, birthday, photo, prefix/suffix, nick name, web site etc fields in Outlook contact synching--Multiple calendar views: daily, weekly and monthly--GTD task workflow--Support recurring task/event --Support task/event reminder --Integrate with build-in Android contact, SMS and Email apps--Quick-add and Voice-add task/event--Sort and search feature--Support Call, SMS and Email task types--Support project/task grouping--Support note feature--Support scan and connect feature in WiFi connection We also offer a FREE version of Mobisynapse desktop manager to provide the users with the following functionality for FREE:--Back up and restore apps and SMS--Transfer files between the PC and Android phone--Sync iTunes playlists between the PC and Android phone--Receive/send SMS from the PC--Sync photos/music/videos between the PC and Android phone--Install/un-install apps from the PC to Android phone Optional:mOffice can be paired with the premium version of Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager, to sync calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and reminders between Android devices and Outlook. Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager is sold separately with limited time offer at $9.99. We are so confident that we offer you 30 days no-hassle, no-question-asked MONEY BACK guarantee for your purchase! For more detail, please check out Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager at: http://www.mobisynapse.com/android-outlook-sync/android-desktop-manager.html Import note: If you have any issue synching from mOffice to Outlook on your PC, please submit a tech support or send a support email, before you give a negative review here. Most of time, our tech support should be able to help you to get the issue resolved. Thank you, we appreciate it.

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