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mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync mOffice - Outlook sync

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Mobisynapse mOffice is a full-suite productivity app on Android device. mOffice offers calendar, task, note, contact, reminder functionality. It also supports GTD task workflow. Mobisynapse mOffice does NOT require Exchange server, it connects to the Outlook on the PC through USB or WiFi for synching, with an optional Mobisynapse desktop manager PC software which is sold starting at $14.99.
Are you a GTD warrior? Do you want to keep your calendar/to-do/contact organized and to be more productive with your Android phone? Do you want to take Outlook contact/calendar/task/note/reminder data with you wherever you go? if the answer is YES, Mobisynapse mOffice is the app for you.
What people say about Mobisynspe mOffice:
--"Must have software if you have an Android phone" by Kristine
--"If you want to sync Android phone with Outlook, mOffice is the best and cheapest!" by Paul
--"Nice GTD app on Android phone" by Ricky
--"Take all my Outlook contact/task/calendar/note data with me on my phone with bidirectional synching, nice!" by Andrew
Main features:
--Full-suite productivity apps: calendar, task, note, contact and reminder
--Support event/task/note home screen widget:
--Support Outlook contact, calendar, task, note and reminder sync with optional Mobisynapse desktop software.
--Support Outlook multiple contact/calendar/notes multiple folders synching
--Support Outlook categories synching
--Support selected folders/categories synching from Outlook
--Support the note, birthday, photo, prefix/suffix, nick name, web site etc fields in Outlook contact synching
--Multiple calendar views: daily, weekly and monthly
--GTD task workflow
--Support recurring task/event
--Support task/event reminder
--Integrate with build-in Android contact, SMS and Email apps
--Quick-add and Voice-add task/event
--Sort and search feature
--Support Call, SMS and Email task types
--Support project/task grouping
--Support note feature
--Support scan and connect feature in WiFi connection
Mobisynapse desktop software also offers the functionality as Android desktop manager. Here are the main features:
--Back up and restore apps and SMS
--Transfer files between the PC and Android phone
--Sync iTunes playlists between the PC and Android phone
--Receive/send SMS from the PC
--Sync photos/music/videos between the PC and Android phone
--Install/un-install apps from the PC to Android phone
mOffice could be used as a standalone Android CRM and productivity app without Mobisynapse desktop software. Or Mobisynapse can be paired with the premium version of Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager, to sync calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and reminders between Android devices and Outlook. Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager is sold separately starting at $14.99. We are so confident that we offer you 30 days no-hassle, no-question-asked MONEY BACK guarantee for your purchase!
For more detail, please check out Mobisynapse, Android desktop manager at:
Import note: If you have any issue synching from mOffice to Outlook on your PC, please submit a tech support or send a support email, before you give a negative review here. Most of time, our tech support should be able to help you to get the issue resolved. Thank you, we appreciate it.
Mobisynapse mOffice是一个全套房生产力应用程序的Andr​​oid设备上。 mOffice提供日历,任务,笔记,联系人,提醒功能。它也支持:GTD任务的工作流程。 mOffice Mobisynapse并不需要Exchange服务器,它连接到PC上的Outlook通过USB或WiFi假唱,一个可选Mobisynapse桌面管理器PC软件,这是开始销售的14.99美元。
你一个GTD的战士吗?你想保持你的日历/ DO /联系组织,并与你的Andr​​oid手机更富有成效?你想采取Outlook联系人/日历/任务/注意/提醒数据,无论你走到哪里?如果答案是肯定的,,Mobisynapse mOffice是为你的应用程序。
是什么的人说关于Mobisynspe mOffice:
- “必须有软件,如果你有一个Android手机”和Kristine
- “如果你想与Outlook同步Android手机,mOffice是最好的和最便宜的!”由保罗
- “尼斯的GTD应用程序在Android手机”瑞奇
- “我所有的Outlook联系人/任务/日历/音符数据与我在我的手机上与双向假唱,太好了!”由安德鲁·
- 全套房生产力应用程序:日历,任务,笔记,联系人和提醒
- 支持事件/任务/注意主屏幕小部件:
- 支持Outlook联系人,日历,任务,注意和提醒同步可选Mobisynapse桌面软件。
- 支持Outlook的多个联系人/日历/票据多个文件夹假唱
- 支持Outlook类别假唱
- 支持从Outlook选定的文件夹/类别假唱
- 支持前缀/后缀,注意,生日,照片,昵称,网站等领域的Outlook联系人假唱
- 多个日历视图:每日,每周和每月
- GTD任务流程
- 支持经常性的任务/事件
- 支援任务/事件提醒
- 建立在Android接触,短信和电子邮件应用程序集成
- 快速添加和语音添加任务/事件
- 排序和搜索功能
- 支持通话,短信和电子邮件的任务类型
- 支持项目/任务分组
- 支持注意功能
- 支持扫描并连接WiFi连接功能
- 备份和恢复应用程序和短信
- PC和Android手机之间传输文件
- PC和Android手机之间同步iTunes播放列表
- PC和Android手机之间同步照片/音乐/视频
可以作为一个独立的Andr​​oid客户关系管理(CRM)和生产力应用程序,而不的Mobisynapse桌面软件mOffice。或Mobisynapse的可搭配Android桌面Mobisynapse,经理,高级版本的同步日历,任务,联系人,便笺,提醒Android设备和Outlook之间。 Mobisynapse,Android桌面管理器是单独销售的14.99美元开始。我们这么有信心,我们为您提供30天无麻烦,没有问题问退款保证对您的选购!

mOffice - Outlook sync 更新内容

--Allow to set the starting date of the week for the calendar, either monday or sunday
--Some bug fixing

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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